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Eleven Kids Under 1

That’s how many were at our BBQ today. Let me restate that. Eleven kids under the age of *one*. Plus 7 kids between the age of 1 and 3.5. And then 17 adults. (One of whom is 35 weeks pregnant – with twins.) What a crazy fun time! 🙂

Here, There, Everywhere

(From the left) Mitch, Oliver, Michelle, Sydney, the back of Andrew's head, Liam, Craig, Kris, Owen's Behind, Gabe, the back of Logan, Zach, Emma, Annie, the back of Stephanie

Mike’s a part of the Dad’s of Twins spin-off group of my Mom’s of Twins club, so he invited them all to a BBQ at our house. (They have about 25 members as opposed to the 250 members in the mom’s club…so it’s do-able.)

(clockwise from the left) Melanie, Walter, Ruben, Sophie, Jeff, Kristin, Mike, Aaron, Sophia, Stephanie, Burke, Alex's head, Logan

(clockwise, starting from the left) Walter, Melanie, Ruben, Sophie, Jeff, Kristin, Mike, Aaron, Sophia, Stephanie, Burke, the back of Alex's head, Logan

So Mike did his typical: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, chicken, asparagus, beans, and potatoes. And the other families brought side dishes and desserts.


Alex, Cordelia, the back of Steve, Paul

I’m happy to report that we did not lose a single kid! LOL And there were no major injuries. And only a few minor melt-downs (Logan being one of them).

Stephanie's Son, Stephanie, Sophia, Mike, Kris, Katie, Andrew, Michelle, Sydney

Ethan, Stephanie, Sophia, Mike, Kris, Katie, Andrew, Michelle, Sydney

We heard a lot of thunder rumbling, and we got sprinkled on a little bit (so we gathered under the canopy and stayed pretty dry), but the rain mostly held off, and so did the lighting. Woo hoo!

Emma, Oliver, Annie, Mitch, Stephanie, Stephanie's Son

Emma, Oliver, Annie, Mitch, Stephanie, Ethan

I tried to get everyone…but it turns out that my aim isn’t that great. (If you’re not pictured – or if it’s just the back of your head, I’m sorry!! Also, if your twins are mixed up in the captions, please let me know…)

Logan, Elizabeth, Cordelia

Logan, Elizabeth, Cordelia

I had a great time meeting everyone and chatting about things. And I know Maggie made a friend…

Andrew and Maggie

Andrew and Maggie

6 Responses

  1. OH wow! That loked like a FANTASTIC time! Can I come to the next one????

  2. That looks like loads of fun. I am so glad I am not 35 weeks pregnant with twins any more…. And you’ve been tagged!

  3. OH tht is the best! Looks like a great time. Like Debi, I want to come next time!! haha

  4. We had a lovely time – it was good for Husband to see so many Dads in charge of their kids. 🙂

  5. That looks like fun! We were sorry to be out of town this weekend and miss it. My husband is a silent member of the DOT board 😉 Glad y’all had a good time!

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