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Madagascar 3 Party!

“Dat dat dadi da ta da ta circus, dat dat dadi da ta afro, circus, afro, circus, afro, polka dot, polka dot, polka dot, afro.”


Ya. That’s my ring tone right now. 🙂 Makes me smile whenever anyone calls. 🙂

Anyway…Crowdtap sent along some neato information and stuff for having a Madagascar 3 party! I had a lot of fun planning for it, and a lot of fun at it. I mean…the kids had a lot of fun at it! 😉

We, of course, had rainbow (afro) wigs!

I put streamers up under the canopy to look like a circus big top 🙂

We had bubbles that came in bottles with animals on the top and I made zebra cupcakes 🙂

McCormick Grill Party

Did someone say Grill? And Party? Mike must be involved!! 🙂

Crowdtap sent a  big package with all sorts of cool seasonings and sauces in it. So Mike set to work and made: hot dogs, burgers, chicken, pork chops, and potatoes. The burgers were the BIGGEST hit. He made them with the Molasses Bacon seasoning and they were *so* good! (Someone even asked where he bought the burgers, LOL!)

We had 48 people here. Yes. *48*!! In all honesty, since it was all in the back yard, it really didn’t seem all that crowded. And since they’re all my friends, everyone got along fantastically! (I have to admit…I was a bit worried since it was people from all areas of my life!) The kids were all fantastic. The older ones were entertaining the littler ones – and actually enjoying it 🙂 At one point, I believe Logan had all of the 6 year olds held “hostage” up in the tree house with his tiny little water gun. that was empty. LOL!! That kid. 🙂

Tappin’ Away

I joined a site a few months back (hm, just about a year ago now!) that I’m *loving* – I’m not sure why I haven’t written about it before. The site is called Crowdtap, and it’s such a neat concept.You give your opinion to various brands – including Crowdtap itself – and just by giving your opinion, you have the chance to earn a little cash (via Amazon gift cards) and cash for your favorite charity! As of today, I’ve earned $323.75 for myself and $38.78 for my charity. (Pretty significant if you ask me!!)

My very favorite part of Crowdtap are the discussions. You are invited to discuss various things from “What did you do for Independence Day?” to “MSN Business on Main Street website design and user experience” to my favorite discussions: Fishful Thinking (which I’ve routinely written about here). I’ve loved the sense of community that the Fishful Thinking discussions have had and all of the ideas from other moms. Some of my favorite moments with the kids have come from ideas from those discussions.

I think the most significant experience I had was the Fight Back to Bounce Back discussion through Fishful Thinking. I even wrote about it. The discussion was about being your own biggest critic. Sometimes it takes someone mentioning a topic, and then you writing your own views out to realize what you’re actually DOING…and that was a huge “ah ha!” moment for me. I love most of the Fishful Thinking discussions because of these “ahha!” moments, but that one was by far the biggest. The other cool thing about the Fishful Thinking discussions is that there are articles and activities that go along with them – these are SO.HELPFUL when trying to figure out what the heck to do in such situations!

What else can you do with Crowdtap? Well, there are quick hits to rack up the points and there are sample shares that people get (based on demographics), like Old Navy and Adidas. There are also web shares (for more points). The site is just over a year old, so they’re still in their infancy … I can’t wait to see how far they go!