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Makes My Monday: Memorial Memories

Our town has a really nice parade every Memorial day. And it happens to go right by the end of our street! We met up with my sister Cathy, her boyfriend and his son and a few of our neighbors. After the parade, everyone came back to our house and hung out for some BBQ – Mike’s specialty 🙂

8 kids and 7 adults

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s been a great holiday here! It actually started about 2 weeks ago when Mike and the kids brought home a big package…and the kids just couldn’t keep a secret 🙂 Mike put together a new double-swing for me!

And then my Mom sent gorgeous potted yellow roses and the kids (with Daddy’s help) got beautiful potted red roses…I believe we’ll enjoy both in the house for a little while and then find a spot in the yard to plant them.

Burke and Maggie made cute tea cup magnets at school…they couldn’t wait to give me those either. 🙂

Add a whole bunch of cards and dinner out at the Japanese Steak House and you’ve got one great day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

Debi hosts the Baby Picture Sundays. Hop on over there to see who’s playing, and join in too! This week’s theme is Mother and Child(ren) – fitting, huh? 😉

The Easter Bunny Was VERY Generous

I’m finding it really hard to not spoil my kids. (I’ve written about this before…)

We got them each a “large” present for their Easter basket and then some a lot of small gifts as well. And Nana and Grandpa have gifts ready. And Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jason contribute. (Aunt Cathy does too if she heads to Vermont as well, she just happened to be out of town this year.) And they usually receive gifts from Granny Frani and cards (with cash) from Pop Pop and Mop Mop too.

Is it over-the-top? Ya, Probably. Am I okay with it? Yes, I am. For now. 🙂

We changed Logan’s crib into a toddler bed, so he needed toddler bedding! The Easter Bunny brought Mickey Mouse sheets, a pillow case, and comforter. (And the sheets have that same half-fitted top sheet!! Still genius.)

Logan's Big Boy Bed

Burke has been asking for Mac (from Disney’s Cars) to round out his collection.

Burke and Mac

And Maggie has been asking for Ruby Red Slippers.

Maggie's Ruby Red Slippers

(she can’t stop dancing LOL!)

And proof that Logan actually slept in his bed last night! (After a half hour of angry sobbing on Daddy’s lap because Mommy wouldn’t come back until he asked for me nicely….Mommy didn’t come back.)

Logan in his new bed

He woke up a little bit early this morning, so Mike went in and asked if he wanted to come into Mommy and Daddy’s room or go back to sleep. He chose to go back to sleep! (*phew*) And then when he woke up the second time, he was just sitting up in bed smiling. Here’s to hoping tonight’s bed time process goes a wee bit better…

Saturday Snapshot: Dipping Eggs

Aunt Meghan made egg-shaped Rice Krispies treats…and let the kids dip them in chocolate and then sprinkles. YUM!

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go over and have a look at what others are doing on this absolutely gorgeous Saturday.

Happy National Ballerina Day!

Originally posted on February 2, 2009

What? It’s Ground Hog Day?? Not in my family 🙂

For as long as I can remember, it’s been National Ballerina Day… 2/2 (tutu). You can imagine the celebrations on 2/2/02!

An example of an email from my Dad in 2001:

This is an automated response from your father.

Although most of the masses think today is “Ground Hog” day, we in the O’Daniel clan have been aware for years that this is really

“National Ballerina Day”

Those of us “in the know” can hardly contain our enthusiasm each year with the approach of 02/02.  Break out the noise makers and the rum punch.  Let your hair down and Twist Again with Chubby Checker!  Today is TuTu!

Those of you truly dedicated to the perpetuation of this sacred holiday should ALREADY be planning for next years MILLENNIUM Celebration.  Yes.. it only happens once every 1000 years.  You guessed it… TuTuTu!  Get ready NOW!  Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime… we will only see it once  02/02/02.  Or in the newest jargon  02.02.02!

Tu dot Tu dot Tu !!!!!!!

It’s coming……………….

Be Ready!

I can’t wait for 2/2/22

Happy New Year!

I’m not really sure that it’s hit that it’s 2010. (Two thousand ten? Two thousand and ten? Twenty ten? Oh Ten?)

All the rage on twitter yesterday was “where were you 10 years ago…” I think that was the year that I’d just had a messy breakup and a friend from work brought me to a kick-butt party where 3 or 4 bands were playing in an old converted barn. Ah, good times. (I say “think” because anything more than about 7 years ago is just a blur and could have happened in any of 3 or 4 surrounding years. Is this a sign I’m getting old??)

Last year, we made a resolution to stay in touch/get back in touch with friends and stop being “parent hermits”. It went well for a while…and then, well…I just get so tired!! My comfy couch calls to me…the recordings from the DVR are there and ready to go…and ya. well. you know.

I think we’ll try the same thing this year. I’m feeling like I’m not in touch with many of my girl friends at all. I suppose part of that is that most of them live in different states! And I’ve met some really, really great people who actually DO live close to me…but do I invite anyone over and make an effort to be a friend? *sigh* no … I guess I don’t. I should do that 🙂 (I think part of it is just feeling like I’m “intruding” on lives that have already, for lack of a better word, started. I mean – some of the people I’ve met have lived here for a while and probably already have their own huge circle of friends, right?)

I suppose I should have some more resolutions – but I’m afraid that I’d just break ’em too quickly (*ahem* diet), so I won’t even write them 😉

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy 2010!!

Way Back When-esday

So, this isn’t a way-back photo (it’s from November), but it’s a way-back technique…so that counts, right?

We got silhouettes done of the kids as gifts to the grandparents this year. (This is actually a scan of the finished, framed project … I didn’t want to take it out of the frame!)

We went to our local library and each kid sat for about 5 – 10 minutes while Jean snip-snipped away at the paper. She was amazing to watch! She had an adjustable chair set up so she could position the kid to the height she needed and then a portable DVD player (with a fish DVD playing – lots of action) set up so that your child would look in the right direction. And then her hands just flew across the paper. I was quite impressed.

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go on over to see who else is playing – and join in too!