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Makes My Monday: A Pageant, A Nut, and A Tickle

There was a children’s pageant at our church yesterday. Since Maggie is the only one who will go to Sunday school – she was the only one in it! While Mike was at work, I took all 3 kids with me. Thank goodness I sat beside VP so I could sneak up and see that Maggie was okay in the front while leaving the boys with her. (She also took the following picture on my phone 🙂 Thanks VP!!) We didn’t make it through the whole thing, but we did get to see Maggie’s part.

Maggie's in the front behind the banister with a green dress and a blue scarf

Before the pageant, we hit Target and purchased a much-asked-for-after-Saturday-night Nutcracker. Maggie was dancing around with it this morning 🙂

Dancing with the Nutcracker

And lastly, Maggie was a big girl today and got her hair washed before getting it cut…except that she couldn’t stop giggling because it ticked. Which totally cracked me and Ms. Hairdresser up.

It Tickles!!

Who knew I’d be talking about Maggie for all of those? 😉 All three, totally Make My Monday.

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Head on over to see what else makes people’s Mondays (there are always some really good ones!)

Still a Little Girl

I took Maggie for a haircut on Thursday. (She had a dentist appointment as well – poor kid was on my lap in a chair all day!) When I mentioned that we were headed for a haircut, she very firmly stated that she wanted to keep all of her hair ON, thank you very much, because she wanted to stay a little girl. LOL First, it was the headband that “made” her a little girl, and now hair.

We walked into the salon – hand in hand – with her face getting whiter, and her voice becoming non-existent. I’d like to note that this wasn’t her first haircut – and that she’s been in THIS salon, with THIS beautician before. Ms. Haircutter went to work and Maggie still had a death grip on my hand…but she relaxed a bit when she saw not one, but two other little girls getting their hair cut on either side of her (and this isn’t even a kid’s place!)

Sparkly (shorter) hair later – she’s loving looking in the mirror and realized that *phew* she’s still a little girl.