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Still a Little Girl

I took Maggie for a haircut on Thursday. (She had a dentist appointment as well – poor kid was on my lap in a chair all day!) When I mentioned that we were headed for a haircut, she very firmly stated that she wanted to keep all of her hair ON, thank you very much, because she wanted to stay a little girl. LOL First, it was the headband that “made” her a little girl, and now hair.

We walked into the salon – hand in hand – with her face getting whiter, and her voice becoming non-existent. I’d like to note that this wasn’t her first haircut – and that she’s been in THIS salon, with THIS beautician before. Ms. Haircutter went to work and Maggie still had a death grip on my hand…but she relaxed a bit when she saw not one, but two other little girls getting their hair cut on either side of her (and this isn’t even a kid’s place!)

Sparkly (shorter) hair later – she’s loving looking in the mirror and realized that *phew* she’s still a little girl.

3 Responses

  1. Though I love having my haircut now, I remember feeling very vulnerable as a child.
    I get it.

  2. We’ve had waves of “I want my hair long!” but when the would-be Rapunzel’s brushing is not well-done and Mama has to intervene and complete the job, invariably we get a haircut a few days later! 😉

    Bet she looks precious!

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