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The PTO ladies brought snacks to the session last week. One of the treats that disappeared quite quickly (with good reason!) was called “Prolos” – A Rolo sandwiched between two pretzels. HOLY COW, Yu-um. And easy enough to make with your kids!

I lined 3 cookie sheets (mine are stoneware) with parchment paper and put one in front of each kid. Then I put a pile of “heart pretzels” (as Burke calls them) by the cookie sheets and told the kids to spread them out over the cookie sheets.

Placing Pretzels

Once Logan realized he wasn’t supposed to just eat the pretzels, he got in on the fun too.

Then came the Rolos. We unwrapped them and placed one on each pretzel. (Again, Logan had a hard time with the “Don’t eat them yet!” heh)

Rolos on Top

Rolos on Top

Maggie liked putting them on up-side-down. Not sure why… 🙂 After a few tries, Logan would chant “No eat.” each time I handed him an unwrapped Rolo.

Put them in the oven (at 350) for about 2 minutes. Just enough to get them squishy.

Making the Rolos Squishy

2 Minutes is STILL a Long Time to Wait

Be careful when you take the cookie sheet out – squishy Rolos tend to slide a bit…

Sliding Rolos

While the Rolos are still warm, place another pretzel on top and press down slightly. (I did this while the kids watched … Hot stoneware plus 3 kids makes me nervous!)

Pressed Pretzels

Put in the refrigerator to harden the chocolate. After an hour or so, you can transfer them to an air-tight container.

Store in the Fridge so the chocolate doesn’t melt too much, but be sure to take them out a little while before you want to serve them. (Otherwise the caramel is a tooth hazard…)

Is It Just Me?

Long trips make me munchy.

There’s something about sitting in a car (or a plane, I guess) that makes me feel like I need to be snacking. And not on the good-for-you stuff…just the good ‘ol junk food stuff.

I was driving from Vermont on Sunday and started to get sleepy…and munchy. The only thing I could find in the car that I could reach was Gold Fish. (Which I actually really like – but they seem more good-for-you than junky 😉 ) As soon as I started munching, my eyes popped right open. So I guess the munchy thing is for a good reason.

I also started thinking about it…I pack snacks for the kids when we go on long car rides. It just makes sense – it keeps them occupied: keeps their mouths too busy to  yell, keeps their hands too busy to smack each other, makes the time pass.

I also remember my mom packing snacks for us. So…I guess it’s imprinted on us at an early age that long car trips mean snacking 🙂