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Is It Just Me?

Long trips make me munchy.

There’s something about sitting in a car (or a plane, I guess) that makes me feel like I need to be snacking. And not on the good-for-you stuff…just the good ‘ol junk food stuff.

I was driving from Vermont on Sunday and started to get sleepy…and munchy. The only thing I could find in the car that I could reach was Gold Fish. (Which I actually really like – but they seem more good-for-you than junky πŸ˜‰ ) As soon as I started munching, my eyes popped right open. So I guess the munchy thing is for a good reason.

I also started thinking about it…I pack snacks for the kids when we go on long car rides. It just makes sense – it keeps them occupied: keeps their mouths too busy toΒ  yell, keeps their hands too busy to smack each other, makes the time pass.

I also remember my mom packing snacks for us. So…I guess it’s imprinted on us at an early age that long car trips mean snacking πŸ™‚

7 Responses

  1. my favorite travelling snack is Combos – prefferably pizza flavored. So no, its not just you πŸ™‚

  2. It’s not just you. My husband and I always get the cheddar cheese cracker Combos and Twizzlers. I personally find car trips boring, and I tend to eat when I’m bored.

  3. Oh man… my husband is the WORST for this! For me a car ride means at the worst homemade cookies. For him it’s sour patch kids, red bull, doritos, cheeze in a can… etc. It’s like he thinks a car ride is an excuse to eat the WORST food imaginable! Last time we went on a road trip, he went out and bought a dozen Krispy Kreames. FOR THE TWO OF US!

  4. I always pack snacks for the kids and I usually end up eating them too!

  5. Hunter and I for years avoided snacks in the car, now with kids, we have just given up and joined in!

  6. So funny you posted about this as I was just thinking it tonite as I was packing snacks for the kids for the ride from NJ to PA…LOL

    And, I’m like you! I need chocolate, chips and soda during a drive!

  7. How weird others mentioned combos…I always eat combos on road trips. And NEVER at any other time. Is there something about Combos and being in a car?

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