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Makes My Monday: Paint!

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation is awfully busy hosting all these great things…

I leave Mike alone for a week, and what happens?? I get the following rooms painted:




I don’t really go around taking pictures of my hallway, so no before picture. Mike did both the up- and down-stairs hallways!

Back Entry way



Same as above…no real picture from before. (And I just couldn’t wait for Mike to take the tape off … so please excuse the blue lines LOL!)




The only before pictures I have of the bathroom are focused on the tub…not the walls, so no before picture here either.

Dining Room



Not a great before picture…but it gives you a little bit of an idea.



Living Room



Again, not a great before picture…but you get the idea.



So…paint and a very hard-working husband make my Monday. (I can’t believe how much he got done in a WEEK!!)

7 Responses

  1. I would faint if my husband did that. Or just assume he had been taken over by a very thoughtful, productive alien.

  2. Looks great
    Living Room is very striking
    Where are the purple ceilings??
    We had a wonderful time with all of you.
    Must admit I slept (it was raining steadily anyway) most all of Sunday afternoon.
    Just finished the whole lawn… about 3 hours worth… some of it 8 inches high
    Perhaps some garden weeding tomorrow and off to wine country on Wednesday.
    Sue had a repair job (permanent not a temporary fix) on her tooth today. Dr. Maurer took an hour from vacation to do the work.

    Love to all,

    dad and sue

  3. That is AWESOME! Could you send him my way if he has a spare moment???? LOL

    LOVE the color in the living room esp. GORGEOUS!

  4. Wow! That’s awesome! Looks like he pretty much repanted the whole house!

  5. What is it with all these overachieving twin Daddies?!?
    Way to go, Double Daddy…and nice catch, Twin Mommy Nancy! 😉

    Would sure Make My Monday! (Glad your package arrived. 🙂 )

  6. What a great surprise and super hubby.

  7. Wow! Your home is looking awesome! Y’all are doing a great job!

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