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Weight For Me!

You may remember the documenting of my weight loss (and how dieting sucks). And you may hove notice a lack of those posts recently…ya. well. That’s because I totally fell off that wagon. And then it ran over me. And apparently there were lot of chocolates and other yummy things under that wagon that fell into my mouth as it was rolling over me.

I’ve gained a little more than 1/2 the weight back. So technically, I’m still lighter than I was 2 years ago at this point, but I’m definitely heavier than i was at this point last year. And I’m disgusted with myself.

I can’t seem to stop eating! (She says as she puts another Girl Scout cookie in her mouth…) I love all foods that I shouldn’t be eating. And when they’re around, I have no control over the amount that goes into my mouth. None.

SOMETHING (besides my pants) needs to give. I need to get back on my Wii. I need to start monitoring what I put into my  mouth. I need to stop buying all this CRAP.

And I thought if I wrote it all down, I might actually hold myself accountable. Or at least have you guys to hold me in check…

So…Wagon!! Hold up!! Wait for me!!

Blog Farts

Blog Farts – noun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half a$$ed, post. see also: memes, surveys.

(If you follow me on Twitter or FB, you’ve probably seen a bunch of these before. I figure if I get ‘em here, they’ll eventually end up in my Blog Book.)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts….


Sometimes…the image in my head is so vivid I have to remind myself that I read it in a book rather than watched it on a show…


Texting is unhealthy for my thumb nails.


Maggie’s wishing star wish the other night: “I wish for everything to stay magical.” Me too, sweetie. Me too.


Last request of the night from Maggie: “Daddy, can you pick me my good dream, please?”


Saw the license plate “SBD” …wonder if the owner is gassy.


I hate it when I spend over $100 at the grocery store and neglect to pick anything up for dinner *tonight*


Burke woke up a few mornings ago and said before anything else “The trees have eyebrows!” And then said it’s what he saw when his eyes were closed.


Burke is trying to convince me that we bought him (and Maggie) at the Hospital.


Walked in to Dunkin Donuts with Burke. He said, “It smells WONDERFUL in here!” Indeed. (Made the guy behind us giggle a little…)


I hate it when my head feels like I have a hat on…I keep checking. There isn’t one there. WTH??


Every time I see a Rotor Rooter van I want to stop and see if it’s Jason and Grant. All Rotor Rooter workers are Ghost Hunters, right?


Must remember that “Play Dough Die” in Logan speak means “Little Star.” As in … sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to me, Mommy!


Conversations from the other morning

Me to Mike: “Bye, Honey! Have a great day!”
Logan to Mike: “Bye, Honey!”



I think closet junk food eaters aren’t that way for the reason you’d think. We’re not embarrassed, we just don’t want to share.

Is It Just Me?

Long trips make me munchy.

There’s something about sitting in a car (or a plane, I guess) that makes me feel like I need to be snacking. And not on the good-for-you stuff…just the good ‘ol junk food stuff.

I was driving from Vermont on Sunday and started to get sleepy…and munchy. The only thing I could find in the car that I could reach was Gold Fish. (Which I actually really like – but they seem more good-for-you than junky 😉 ) As soon as I started munching, my eyes popped right open. So I guess the munchy thing is for a good reason.

I also started thinking about it…I pack snacks for the kids when we go on long car rides. It just makes sense – it keeps them occupied: keeps their mouths too busy to  yell, keeps their hands too busy to smack each other, makes the time pass.

I also remember my mom packing snacks for us. So…I guess it’s imprinted on us at an early age that long car trips mean snacking 🙂