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Update! Update! Read All About it!

I have various, totally unrelated updates about a bunch of things that I’ve written about before.

First…the squirrel is gone! We finally realized that he wasn’t really coming and going as we thought. When he was “gone” he was just up the chimney a bit out of our sight. Which means that the poor thing hadn’t eaten a thing since at least Monday. So we got a box and a stick and tried to shoo him out of the fire place. I think he had totally given up by that time (he went crazy a few hours before, but was just hunkered down in the corner by this time). Lucky for us, he was sluggish – cuz he didn’t quite make it into the box. He lumbered around the living room and into the kitchen before Mike cornered him in the bathroom. We set him free and he ran off, but I don’t know if it was too late by then. I hope he’s okay – and I hope he learned his lesson and will leave the chimney alone now! (I checked today, the cap on it is loose – we’ll have to fix that soon!!)

Second…My boss called me yesterday. Apparently he thought he’d already talked with me about the whole work-from-home thing. Uhm. no? He totally made it sound like this is a go!! *cartwheel* No one has any idea of timing…but the lease on the office is up in October, so something has to happen by then anyway. I’m so incredibly super excited it’s not even funny. And I will be so totally crushed if this falls through. I was checking out the telecommuter policy yesterday and apparently if my company asks you to work from home, they’ll provide a little bit of dough to get you started with “set up” stuff and then they’ll pay for the high-speed internet connection on top of a monthly stipend to off-set stuff like electricity and things. COOL!

Third…remember waaaay back in July when I wrote the post about being “famous” for our staycation? The reporter who interviewed me emailed to let me know that his book came out! There’s even a rumor that I’ll get a signed copy. Nice! 🙂 I looked through some of the pages online and it says that my twins are girls. Oops! Ah well – it’s still really cool.

I’m Famous!

LOL! Ya – okay…maybe it’s just that whole “15 minutes” everyone supposedly gets…

Anyway, a guy who writes for the Dallas Morning News, Matt Wixon, emailed me asking about our Staycation! (He obviously found my blog entries…dunno if he’ll be back, but HI MATT! if you are 😉  ) He’s writing a book about Staycations and just wanted to chat with me about ours. How cool is that??

If you didn’t get the chance to read about our week, here are the posts:

And Matt mentioned that I’ll get a copy of the book when it comes out. Sweet!

As long as we’re talking about how famous I am (tee hee!)…I edited a book that’s sold on Amazon! The Pet Mouse is a cute children’s story with kick-butt illustrations. (And no, I don’t get any royalties…) As proof that I actually did it, this is Crystal’s website. She mentions me in the Bios page on there 😉  The bio is from before Logan was born though…  (And Cheryl, if you’re reading this, I know – it doesn’t hold a candle to your book 😉 heh)

I can also say that I’m on a record/cassette/CD! A well known Vermont folk singer, Jon Gailmor, wanted kids to back up his song, Dirt!, and knew my kindergarten/grade school teachers…so we had a field trip to the recording studio and sang the chorus with him. Our picture is even on the back of the album. And the song received an honorary mention in 1984 as Best Children’s Song from the National Academy of Independent Record Distributors! We also got a tour of the radio station Jon worked at and even made an appearance with him on PBS! HEY! So, I’ve been on TV too. *grin*

What are your 15 minutes? If you write about them, I’ll link to you at the bottom here…just let me know 🙂

Staycation – Day 7

Another pretty cool day with a lot of nothing. 🙂

We got up and skipped church (I know….BAAAAAAD!! But the rationale was that we wouldn’t have gone if we’d been out of town, so…) and made breakfast: pancakes and bacon. My first time making pancakes (yep. for real) so they weren’t exactly my Dad’s … but the first batch wasn’t bad. I had the pan too hot for the rest of the batches though…live and learn.

Then Mike took care of the twins so that I could go take a nap when Logan went down for one. (Have I mentioned that Mike is awesome??)

Then the power went out…which means the A/C and the noisemaker in Logan’s room turned off…so he could hear Burke saying “Lights broken!” at the top of his lungs…short naps this morning 😉

We headed out to meet Aunt Cathy for a late lunch/early dinner at Fridays. One word for you: MUDSLIDES. YUM! And Logan ate about 1/2 a plate of mac & cheese. heh Maggie got her groove thing on and was dancing by her chair (much to the delight of the wannabe Goth chick at the next table).

Apparently, even though Mike and I were not in the least bit hungry … by the time bed time for the twins rolled around they were *starving* and ate about 10 “dinonuggets” each. YIKES! (yes. at bed time. oops…perhaps we should remember to actually feed them more often *blush* )

I have to say that the entire Staycation was *really* nice. I don’t even feel like I need a vacation from my vacation – which is what normally happens. I will say this though:

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow!

Staycation – Day 6

Another great day! We did *nothing* and it was awesome.

Logan was up from 1:45am to about 3:30am (still not sure why – but he was *not* happy)…so Mike, the wonderful man that he is (again), let me sleep in again. (Thanks honey!!) I woke up to Logan crying around 10:15. YES!! 10:15!

We spent almost all day in the back yard and in the kiddie pool. Aunt Cathy came to visit and hunted dinosaurs with the twins. (They showed her how to do it just right…) And they had bouncy ball races, chasing after Cathy. Pretty cute.

Mike grilled up some grub: Bacon wrapped pork chops, kielbasa, green beans, asparagus, and potatoes. MAN than man can grill! TA-STY. Can’t wait for the pan fried left overs again 🙂

I think we may do the same thing all over again tomorrow.

Staycation – Day 5

Mike says that I didn’t do justice to how much fun the kids had playing with the trains yesterday. so…I will elaborate a bit 🙂 Burke was literally jumping up and down while the train was going around and around and around. There was a little hill, and the little thing couldn’t QUITE make it up, so Burke was more than happy to give a push each time. (Better, honey? 🙂  )

As another example, Burke was up at 4:30 this morning looking for his white train…and then again at 6:30 to play some more with them. Silly. 🙂

Today felt like a Saturday…we did our typical Saturday stuff because Mike had to go in to work to split his cells. Before he left though, the wonderful man let me sleep in until 8:45. Woo hoo!!

The kids and I hung out and played (with the trains LOL) for the morning and then went to pick Mike up at the subway station. We then went to Burger King for lunch (Logan had about 1/2 of a cheeseburger!) and headed to Costco. (Our typical Saturday stuff.)

When we came back we hung out in the back yard and the kiddie pool (a common theme this week!) Mike and the twins were hunting dinosaurs. It was VERY cute. Mike would whisper “oooh – there’s one over there! See it?” And the kids would look intently, nod solemnly, and sneak up. Mike would whisper “One….Two…Three…” And then they’d all yell “BOO!” to scare it away. And then on to the next one. It was pretty cute.

Staycation – Day 4

Another really great day! (except for one melt-down where Burke had buyer’s remorse and wanted Maggie’s toy choice instead of his own…)

We took a train trip! (well, a commuter rail trip, but that’s still a train!!) Daddy and Brenda (the nanny) take the train all the time, so we knew the kids were very curious about this…and have even tried to sneak out with one or the other.

Waiting on the train

On the train

On the train

So today we walked the 3-ish blocks and took the train two stops down to a “new-to-us” beautiful town park. THE best trees there!! One was the *perfect* climbing tree. I put Burke up into it, and at first he was like, “Hey woman, what the heck are you doing to me??”


But then he got it and was totally into it.

One in the tree

One in the tree

Maggie went up next.

Two in the tree

Two in the tree

…and even Logan got in on the fun!

Three in a tree

Three in a tree

The other tree was just so big and beautiful; it gave off lots and lots of shade. We sat and had snacks under it, and then got a little wet because the fix-it guys were playing with the sprinklers LOL (For some reason, Logan wasn’t laughing as much as I was…)



We walked around the town and played tourists for a little bit. Went into the cutest bookstore and then another pretty cool toy store. We got some new Sandra Boynton books and then Burke and Maggie picked out trains to match the tracks we have at home. It TOTALLY felt like a “real” vacation 🙂

Then back on the train to come home. We tired the kids out so much that we didn’t even get the typical “NO HOME!!” screams on the way back! They were walking pretty slowly those last 3 blocks…

Going home

Going home

All this before lunch…

Burke wasn’t interested in eating, he just wanted to open the new toys and set the tracks up – which is when he realized that Maggie’s train is a wee bit cooler than his is. Not good. Luckily, Maggie was a sweetie pie and let him play with it just enough to make him *almost* think it’s his. (She reminded him enough in certain subtle ways that it’s not…)

More back yard play with daddy until the trains were missed. LOL It was also pretty hot again, so it was good they weren’t out for too long.

In keeping with the impromptu train theme, the kids had fun playing train in on of the empty boxes we have around. Well. I should say that we have boxes that are supposed to house toy parts…but very typically end up empty. 😉

Box train

Box train

And the trains are now upstairs in bed with the twins. I’d say the theme day was a success!

Staycation – Day 3

Today was a GREAT day! The kids were really good (well, as good as kids can get anyway 😉 ) Gabriel came home, and it was a pretty relaxing day.

We started out lazing about until the twins’ gym class. As always, they have super fun…and are always the ones running around and not necessarily following directions. Mike was able to see them in action – so that was cool.

We came home and went for a short drive to bring the lawn mower to a local repair guy. (hopefully he’ll be able to fix it before the yard looks like a jungle, and for not too much!!).

Then we went for a short walk around the block to hang up posters for the missing cat. MAN OH MAN it was hot today!!

We hung out in the back yard and in the kiddie pool for the rest of the afternoon. Heaven. 🙂 Logan had a few firsts as well: waving to daddy and riding on a tricycle!

Believe it or not, this next picture was not staged. (okay, anyone with kids believes it – they don’t cooperate enough to sit still for a picture like this LOL!)

At dinner time, we came in and Logan had a few food firsts as well: real sweet potatoes (instead of the Gerber smooshed-up kind) and raviolis (Costco brand – which are actually quite tasty!).

Mike went outside to move the sprinklers and gave a happy shout.  I knew immediately that he saw Gabe…and that he’d probably scared the crap out of him LOL But he was able to calm Gabe down enough to snag him and bring him back inside. (He’s sitting at my feet right now…)

A good day. 🙂

Staycation – Day 2

Today was an up and down day. There was: dinner and a movie (sorta), temper tantrums, house cleaning, and then a great gathering of wonderful ladies. I’m TIRED!

We took the twins to their first movie theater movie: Wall-E. It was pretty cute. Their attention was captured by it and they were very good through the whole thing (they ARE my little vidiots 😉 ). Burke got a LITTLE antsy toward the end, but he chowed down on popcorn and had a grand time. Logan stayed with the nanny (Brenda).

Then came the time to leave. . . screeching ensued. *sigh* It really makes me not want to bring him anywhere fun when he does this. (we had an episode leaving the park yesterday as well…) I really hope he grows out of this phase FAST.

We dropped them off at home with Brenda and hit home depot. Romantic, huh? 😉 And then went for an early dinner at the local Japanese Steak House. YUM-MY!! It’s so much fun to watch someone else cook your meal – and the guy was just a ham. It was so early that no one else was there for the entire meal LOL

We got home and I went into a cleaning/cooking frenzy while Mike watched the kids for a bit. Burke, was, again in fine form. *sigh* In a matter of under two minutes he bit Maggie, tried to pick Logan up by his head, and pinched me. Arg. If this kid lives until his 4th birthday, he’s going to be lucky. It’s a damn good thing he actually has GOOD moments that I try really, really hard to remember about during these episodes.

Then the ladies started to show up. I really love my Mothers of Twins group. 🙂 It’s such a great bunch of people who really just want to be there and offer support to anyone and everyone who needs it. I’m *SO* bad at this (looking at a room and figuring out how many people are there), but there were maybe 18 to 20 people in my living room. I’m so bummed though!! I made Chex Mix yesterday and forgot to put it out!! Oops. Ah well, the kids will like it…

And I’m surprised that we didn’t wake Logan up – we were kind of loud *blush* and I had thought we woke Burke up … who went over to bite Maggie to wake her up (cuz that’s what it sounded like from downstairs when I heard Maggie scream “BURKE BITE ME!!”), but it turns out that Burke wasn’t even awake…so maybe Maggie was just dreaming..? Strange dream though 😛

Okay – time to clean up…Mike’s done chowing down on the left-over goodies I had out.

Staycation – Day 1

Today was the official start of our Staycation. YEAH! Mike actually announced yesterday that he didn’t have to go into work, so the unofficial start was yesterday. We kicked yesterday off with a FANTASTIC meal that Mike grilled up: Steak, hotdogs, keilbasa, potatoes, and green beans. Oh and corn we put on the burner. (Sounds familiar, right? this is a staple grilling meal for us 🙂 ) YUM-MY!!! Pan fried goodiness for the rest of the week. woo hoo!

To start the day today, Mike went in to work. heh … but no worries – this was planed. As a cancer researcher, he can’t let his cells die – so the plan is to split them today and Friday. He promises he won’t go in for the rest of the time though!!

We spent some quality time in the back yard and down at the playground today. I went grocery shopping and started cooking some things for the gathering of Moms of Twins here tomorrow night.

MAJOR cleaning session to happen a little bit later…

The Countdown is on!

Our Staycation starts in 5 days!!! Now, we just need to plan it. *grin*

We decided that we need a vacation, but that we might as well take advantage of the things around here instead of spend all that gas money to go somewhere else. (We all sleep better in our own beds anyway.) Hence the Staycation!

Some things we’re thinking about:

  • taking the twins to see Wall-E
  • Beach visit
  • Commuter rail/train trip
  • Museum/zoo/aquarium
  • Petting/picking farm
  • Playground hopping
  • Lounge in the back yard at the kiddie pool!

We even get a Mike and Nancy day because Brenda (our nanny) is coming one of the days! WOO HOO!

Of course, most of this depends on weather, kid attitude, parent attitude, etc…

Anyone seen Wall-E? Any thoughts on taking 3.5 year old kids (who love Pixar films) to it? Anyone have any other great ideas for us to try out?