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Update! Update! Read All About it!

I have various, totally unrelated updates about a bunch of things that I’ve written about before.

First…the squirrel is gone! We finally realized that he wasn’t really coming and going as we thought. When he was “gone” he was just up the chimney a bit out of our sight. Which means that the poor thing hadn’t eaten a thing since at least Monday. So we got a box and a stick and tried to shoo him out of the fire place. I think he had totally given up by that time (he went crazy a few hours before, but was just hunkered down in the corner by this time). Lucky for us, he was sluggish – cuz he didn’t quite make it into the box. He lumbered around the living room and into the kitchen before Mike cornered him in the bathroom. We set him free and he ran off, but I don’t know if it was too late by then. I hope he’s okay – and I hope he learned his lesson and will leave the chimney alone now! (I checked today, the cap on it is loose – we’ll have to fix that soon!!)

Second…My boss called me yesterday. Apparently he thought he’d already talked with me about the whole work-from-home thing. Uhm. no? He totally made it sound like this is a go!! *cartwheel* No one has any idea of timing…but the lease on the office is up in October, so something has to happen by then anyway. I’m so incredibly super excited it’s not even funny. And I will be so totally crushed if this falls through. I was checking out the telecommuter policy yesterday and apparently if my company asks you to work from home, they’ll provide a little bit of dough to get you started with “set up” stuff and then they’ll pay for the high-speed internet connection on top of a monthly stipend to off-set stuff like electricity and things. COOL!

Third…remember waaaay back in July when I wrote the post about being “famous” for our staycation? The reporter who interviewed me emailed to let me know that his book came out! There’s even a rumor that I’ll get a signed copy. Nice! 🙂 I looked through some of the pages online and it says that my twins are girls. Oops! Ah well – it’s still really cool.

6 Responses

  1. I saw your FB status and had to read about the squirrel! Glad that he is gone. And great news about getting to work from home! Are you signing copies of the book now that you are famous?

  2. My husband and I both telecommute… our companies pay for high-speed internet, phone lines, cell phones, and office supplies! They even paid for set up stuff like my chair, printer, fax machine, etc. It is pretty sweet. Plus the no commute thing is AWESOME!

  3. All really cool stuff! Congrats, and thanks for the updates! Cheers!

  4. Hate squirrels.
    I’m excited for you to be able to work from home.
    Cool….you’re famous.

  5. Congratulations on the work at home thing! I really hope it works out for you. It sounds really awesome paying for your internet and such.

    Yay on being famous!

  6. I am so excited for you about the work from home part.

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