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Another Quick Update

I took Logan to get his hearing checked yesterday (just as a precaution because he’s not really talking much). The facility was WONDERFUL. We took Burke into Boston when they thought he needed a check – this one was outside of Boston and much more kid-friendly.

I held Logan on my lap while a nice, young lady tried to keep his attention on the toys she was playing with. Another nice lady was behind the mirror making sounds come out of speakers on either side of us. If Logan looked in the right direction, he got the surprise of a toy lighting up and moving under the speaker. He was such a good kid! He even let them put headphones on him for a while.

Long story short – he’s all good. No hearing issues. (Which is pretty much what we figured, but it can’t hurt to check.)

7 Responses

  1. Good for Logan.

  2. Yay, I’m glad to hear it all checked out well and was a good experience to boot.

  3. Yeah, Logan!

  4. Good to hear he can hear! Heee! Penny had to go for some ridiculous tests as an infant b/c she flunked in the hospital her hearing test. Since Ned starts at loud noises I figure he’s okay. Psyched for you that you can work at home – so much more mommy time!

  5. Wonderful news! So glad everything checked out fine!

  6. That is awesome news!

  7. Great news! So glad to hear it.

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