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Birthday Celebrations

As you know, Logan turned 2 on Friday. We celebrated on Saturday with Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Cathy.

Grandpa makes shaped cakes. (You may remember Tyrone from the twins’ birthday this year. Or Elmo and McQueen from years past…) And not only does he make them, he frosts them with the BEST icing ever. (powdered sugar frosting. YUM.) Logan’s very first shaped cake was none other than Mickey Mouse himself:

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

Logan's Fire Truck

Logan's Fire Truck

"Look! Cake!"

"Look! Cake!"

Mickey's Nose Tastes Pretty Good

Mickey's Nose Tastes Pretty Good

Logan's Balloons

Logan's Balloons (from the day before)

Disney On Ice

We took Burke and Maggie to see Disney on Ice yesterday. (Logan got to stay with Aunt Cathy – Thanks Cathy!!)

We didn’t even tell them about it until the night before. (I’m already hearing “Are we going to the baseball game today?” Because they heard me talking about the Spinners game we’ll be heading to in the Spring.)

Since we knew they would have no idea how excited they should be about this, we got them all fired up about going on the train to get there. And they kind of got that they’d be seeing the Cars characters and Tinkerbell and others, but I think they equated it to seeing them on TV – not live and in person.

So off to the train we went.

Daddy and Burke on the Train

Daddy and Burke on the Train

Mommy and Maggie on the Train

Maggie and Mommy on the Train

When we got there, we got in line to see the princess dresses on display. Maggie *loves* Cinderella, so we took her picture in front of the most coveted dress.

Maggie and Cinderellas Dress

Maggie and Cinderella's Dress

And then, much to our pleasure, the real Cinderella showed up!

Cinderella Way up Ahead

Cinderella - Way up Ahead

Unfortunately, by the time we got up there, Cinderella had to go. But Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) took over in her place.

The Zoo with Belle

The Zoo with Belle

(Maggie was playing shy girl because someone else took our picture.)

We stopped to get some snacks (and a beer for Mike) and headed off to look for our seats. You should have seen the “Oh thank God there’s beer here” looks Mike got from the other dads we passed. LOL

We found our seats and I hear “Is that Maggie?” from the row behind us. Turns out that one of their class mates was there too! I hadn’t met the mom, but I recognized the little girl. Her mom said that she recognized Maggie’s yellow bow. LOL I suppose it is hard to miss. And we did get quite a few compliments on it throughout the day.

Waiting for the show to start (I kind of had my camera at a strange angle on some of these…)



The show started!

Mini and Mickey

Minnie and Mickey



Also Transfixed

Also Transfixed

Pretzel What Pretzel

Pretzel? What Pretzel?

And then the Cars came out! Oh man – Burke’s favorite part.



Especially when Lightnin’ McQueen came out.




It switched to The Little Mermaid, so Maggie got excited.

The Little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid!



ut oh Ursula

ut oh Ursula!


The Lion King was up next.


And Mike was tickled to see that Rafiki even had the monkey butt going on.


The kids were still transfixed.





I loved how they did the wildebeests. The skaters had one on each arm and one on their head to make it look like there was a pack of them. Pretty cool


Intermission brought playing with their new light-up toys and the Zamboni! As soon as the lights came up, Burke declared that he wanted to see it again. (Like I could rewind and push play LOL) Luckily, there was more coming.



Act 2 brought Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy back as the hosts.


And Burke sitting on Daddy’s lap.


Maggie was happy that it started again.


Tinkerbell was the final act. Burke got a little restless and had to go out and run around for a little bit. But it wasn’t long before they came back.



Burke liked the flying queen.




The grand finale had Tinkerbell flying and Mickey and his gang back out in formal attire.




It was a great show! And the kids loved it. My favorite part? Watching the kids’ faces. (I’m such a mom!)