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Friday’s Fotos: Dog, Party, and Cake

Higgins has made himself right at home. Today he jumped up on the bed to be right beside me while I was working.  (Training evaluation tomorrow!!)


There were 36 kids (plus a few siblings) at Burke and Maggie’s Kid party. They had a lot of fun 🙂

And they each got their own cake: a princess one and a Cars one.


This year’s shaped cake from my Dad was a soccer ball!

Birthday Celebrations

As you know, Logan turned 2 on Friday. We celebrated on Saturday with Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Cathy.

Grandpa makes shaped cakes. (You may remember Tyrone from the twins’ birthday this year. Or Elmo and McQueen from years past…) And not only does he make them, he frosts them with the BEST icing ever. (powdered sugar frosting. YUM.) Logan’s very first shaped cake was none other than Mickey Mouse himself:

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

Logan's Fire Truck

Logan's Fire Truck

"Look! Cake!"

"Look! Cake!"

Mickey's Nose Tastes Pretty Good

Mickey's Nose Tastes Pretty Good

Logan's Balloons

Logan's Balloons (from the day before)

Themed Parties

We celebrated the twins’ 4th birthday over the weekend with Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Meghan, and Aunt Cathy. Backyardigans style. 🙂

Maggie Uniqua

Maggie - Uniqua

Maggie Burke Uniqua Tyrone

Maggie & Burke - Uniqua & Tyrone

Aunt Meghan Pablo

Aunt Meghan - Pablo

Aunt Cathy Uniqua

Aunt Cathy - Uniqua

Grandpa Tyrone

Grandpa - Tyrone

Nana Uniqua

Nana - Uniqua

Daddy Tyrone

Daddy - Tyrone



(If you missed the cakes my Dad has made in the past, check them out here.)

And did Burke like the cake?

I think so

I think so...