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Stupid Bed. **UPDATED**

We purchased a new bed a few weeks ago because our old bed had the tell-tale divots on each side of just being a ‘junk’ bed we’d had for too long. Did I mention the “a few weeks ago” part? Ya. well, the NEW bed is already showing signs of divots. (Seriously, I’m overweight, but geez – not enough to kill a bed in just a few weeks!!!) And both of us have been waking up with sore backs. And we bought it at one of those real mattress places.

When we bought it, we were assured that if we weren’t 100% happy, they’d be more than happy to exchange it as long as it was before 21 days had gone by. We’re still inside the 21 days, so Mike went to investigate. Ya. They’re more than happy to “exchange” it … but it’s going to cost us about 1/2 what we originally paid to do it. And there’s no guarantee that the new mattress will be any better. And I don’t think we’d be able to exchange the second one if IT isn’t any better.

We’re going in on Monday to see what they can do for us…keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be like “Oh, wait…THAT isn’t supposed to happen…you must have gotten a lemon. Here’s your new mattress for free!” mmmhmmm.

**updated with pictures**

I just thought I’d show a sample of what I’m talking about.

Nothing looks too bad here…

My Laptop IN the divot

Until I happen to push it a little to the center of the bed…

My laptop if I put it a bit toward the middle

My laptop starts sliding off the Laplander!!

Personal Security

In an effort to save a little money, we’re in the process of changing internet/cable/phone bundle providers. (Sorry Jon!) While talking with Mike last night, he mentioned our new phone number. So I asked if he had remembered to request that it be unlisted. Oops…

Part of the reason for unlisting it is that we never use the thing. It’s hooked up to our FAX machine, so we never answer it. What’s the point of listing it if it will just frustrate people because we never answer it? However, the biggest reason I’d like for it to be unlisted is this blog. I use our real names, so if we have a listed phone number it would be super easy to “come get us” – a little scary if you ask me…

So Mike called them back this morning to make the request. Their reply? “Sure! $4.99 a month and we’d be happy to do that for you.” What??? I’ve never had to pay to keep my phone unlisted! Mike looks at me with those “ahhh…what do I do??” eyes (the good man knows when his wife is upset 😉 ).

So I took the phone and had the following conversation:

Me: (Obviously pissed upset) I’ve never had to pay for this before.
Customer Service: There’s always been a fee – even I pay it.
Me: Maybe through YOU guys, but no one else has ever charged me. It’s ridiculous that I have to pay for my own personal safety!
CS: Well…we can remove your address.
Me: Do I have to pay for that?
CS: No, that’s free.
Me: (thinking, “And you didn’t mention this before because…?”) Yes, that’s what we’d like.
CS: Do you want your town removed as well?
Me: (thinking, “Seriously, you really have to ask me that?”) Yes.
CS: Let me put you on hold.

So…our phone number is listed, but apparently our address will be left off. Geeez.