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Personal Security

In an effort to save a little money, we’re in the process of changing internet/cable/phone bundle providers. (Sorry Jon!) While talking with Mike last night, he mentioned our new phone number. So I asked if he had remembered to request that it be unlisted. Oops…

Part of the reason for unlisting it is that we never use the thing. It’s hooked up to our FAX machine, so we never answer it. What’s the point of listing it if it will just frustrate people because we never answer it? However, the biggest reason I’d like for it to be unlisted is this blog. I use our real names, so if we have a listed phone number it would be super easy to “come get us” – a little scary if you ask me…

So Mike called them back this morning to make the request. Their reply? “Sure! $4.99 a month and we’d be happy to do that for you.” What??? I’ve never had to pay to keep my phone unlisted! Mike looks at me with those “ahhh…what do I do??” eyes (the good man knows when his wife is upset 😉 ).

So I took the phone and had the following conversation:

Me: (Obviously pissed upset) I’ve never had to pay for this before.
Customer Service: There’s always been a fee – even I pay it.
Me: Maybe through YOU guys, but no one else has ever charged me. It’s ridiculous that I have to pay for my own personal safety!
CS: Well…we can remove your address.
Me: Do I have to pay for that?
CS: No, that’s free.
Me: (thinking, “And you didn’t mention this before because…?”) Yes, that’s what we’d like.
CS: Do you want your town removed as well?
Me: (thinking, “Seriously, you really have to ask me that?”) Yes.
CS: Let me put you on hold.

So…our phone number is listed, but apparently our address will be left off. Geeez.

9 Responses

  1. Dude. That is all kinds of messed up. Could they just nickel and dime you a little bit more?!

    I like the new header, BTW. OK, maybe it’s not super new, but I use google reader, so sometimes I’m slow on that sort of thing. 🙂

  2. Try Vonage. It’s super cheap and it ends up not being listed at all because it’s not a phone company. I did once have to “re-boot” it in the basement, which made my MIL look at me oddly, but other than that, it’s fantastic.

  3. We have to pay for our phone number to be unlisted too. You think they would charge you to put it in the book, instead of keeping it out. Go figure!

  4. Well, in South Africa we only have one service provider – the second one is only now comming on line. And even to speek to a person is almost impossible.

  5. I second Vonage. it rocks.

  6. We have a VOIP so technically our number is not listed but since we use it for car shopping, etc. we still end up with annoying telemarketers. We are considering ditching since I have a work fax number I can give out (so faxes go to my email which is super convenient). Maybe you can do a computer fax thing where the fax go to email?

  7. WHAT?! and to think I thought we were friends 😦


  8. They’ll start charging for using area codes soon….

  9. Could we charge them a small amount for the timely payment of their bills? For addressing them correctly?

    Hmmm….maybe for being placed on hold, we can deduct $5 for each five minutes on hold? (Of course Verizon would then owe me close to a hundred dollars….)

    So frustrating!

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