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Stupid Bed. **UPDATED**

We purchased a new bed a few weeks ago because our old bed had the tell-tale divots on each side of just being a ‘junk’ bed we’d had for too long. Did I mention the “a few weeks ago” part? Ya. well, the NEW bed is already showing signs of divots. (Seriously, I’m overweight, but geez – not enough to kill a bed in just a few weeks!!!) And both of us have been waking up with sore backs. And we bought it at one of those real mattress places.

When we bought it, we were assured that if we weren’t 100% happy, they’d be more than happy to exchange it as long as it was before 21 days had gone by. We’re still inside the 21 days, so Mike went to investigate. Ya. They’re more than happy to “exchange” it … but it’s going to cost us about 1/2 what we originally paid to do it. And there’s no guarantee that the new mattress will be any better. And I don’t think we’d be able to exchange the second one if IT isn’t any better.

We’re going in on Monday to see what they can do for us…keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be like “Oh, wait…THAT isn’t supposed to happen…you must have gotten a lemon. Here’s your new mattress for free!” mmmhmmm.

**updated with pictures**

I just thought I’d show a sample of what I’m talking about.

Nothing looks too bad here…

My Laptop IN the divot

Until I happen to push it a little to the center of the bed…

My laptop if I put it a bit toward the middle

My laptop starts sliding off the Laplander!!

10 Responses

  1. Dude, that’s a load of BS! If you can get your money back, go to Jordan’s. They’re more generous with their return policy. And always helpful, and don’t work on commission.

  2. It’s the “restocking fee” – gets you every time.

  3. Did you not read the VPs complaint about mattresses?
    I hate mattress shopping. The previous one was a Simmons, purchased from Jordan’s. I called Jordan’s w/in 3 mths and they said the “crater” wasn’t big enough. We went with a Sealy this time, and it’s been just over a year–teeny craters, but nothing to complain about (yet).
    The mattresses they make now-a-days SUCK. I’m so sorry you’re already having problems!

  4. We got our mattress from Gardner mattress in Salem. The nice thing is that if it does sag they can fix it. We had to get ours fixed, but they were great and it’s been awesome since. The bad part is they are expensive.

  5. Oh, man. That stinks. I hope they treat you well when you go in on Monday. Mattresses are expensive, and you deserve to feel satisfied. Good luck!

  6. That sucks! I really hope they fix this and give you a new better mattress!

  7. Oh holy cow! That’s awful! I would demand they give you a new one for free or else I would DESTROY them on Twitter & my blog. (maybe drop the tidbit that if they help you out, you’d gladly give them some linky love….)

  8. Oh that is NOT ON! What type of matress is that?

  9. Whoa, that’s terrible! I hope you can get it replaced 😦

  10. After 2 weeks?!?!?!? You must post and let us know what brand. Considering that sleep is SOOOO important to help us function, and a bad mattress can cause neck pain, back pain, hip pain….you really would think that mattresses would be made with those considerations. These “new” “High” mattresses are so bad. Our last “good” mattress was one of the “standard” sizes, paid $400 for it, and it lasted 10 years…..twin pregnancy belly sent it to mattress heaven. I can keep writing…but I’ll stop now. Good luck!

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