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Accident Prone

Two things have happened over the past two days that make me want to just crawl right back into bed and pull the covers over my head for a few days.

Yesterday, I was sitting for 2 seconds (probably reading  a blog) waiting for Logan to fall to sleep before I went out to empty the car. I heard that horrible cat retching sound and bounded to my feet to make sure the mess didn’t end up on the rug.

The Sit ‘n Spin became a Step ‘n Slip. You know those old time slap-stick type movies where the guy steps on a banana peel or ice or something and both feet go flying up in the air? Ya. That was me. Re-wrenched my back (Hmm. I was going to link to a post I thought I wrote about that…in a nutshell, I slipped on something at my Dad’s house over Christmas – with Logan in my arms – and completely killed my back and hip and bruised up my knee quite nicely.) This time, bruises on my shin, knee, hip, leg, and shoulder…BUT something slipped my hip back into place and it feels better than it has since Christmas. Crazy.

Today, while pulling out of the pre-school parking lot – and trying to avoid the nice lady who was LETTING me out – I rubbed up against a parked car on my right. Seriously. Rubbed.

Like a good person, I stopped and talked with her – gave her my number and stuff.  And looked at her bumper. (Thanks to What a Card for sitting with my kiddos at the time!)  Looks like some dirt transferred from my car to hers. She is, of course, driving a new car…and has never heard of car polish. She’s already called me (twice) to get MORE information. Her husband will look at the “scratch” tonight and figure out what they’re going to do.

Wanna see the “damage” to my car?


"Accident" - view 1


"Accident" - view 2

I know that she has every right to file a claim, but I seriously hope the insurance people look at it, laugh, and tell them to use soap and water (or polish at the most). *sigh* Okay, maybe I don’t really hope they’ll laugh.

Actually, I seriously hope that the husband is level headed enough to realize that a good buff is really all it needs.

Dear Checkout Lady-

I’m really very sorry that I didn’t realize I was in the express lane until you were 1/4 way through checking out my items. What the heck is an express lane doing in the MIDDLE of all of those lanes anyway?

I’m sorry that you didn’t “have enough room to do anything” on the other side of the counter. This doesn’t mean that I’m happy with the bread being in the same bag as those heavy cans though. I’m one of those anal people who puts their groceries up on the belt in a SPECIFIC order…trying to make life easier for the bagger (or the cashier if you happen to be the bagger as well – or for me, I’m perfectly happy bagging my own groceries). I group all frozen, all refrigerated, all boxes, all cans, all fruits and veggies. There was simply no reason for the smooshing of my bread and bananas.

And the comments to the next person in line (who was also over the 14 item limit … just not by as many as I was) was not entirely appropriate as well. I apologized when I realized my mistake. If you were THAT disgruntled, you could have said something at the very beginning and I would have gladly gone to another lane.

Happy Holidays,

What’s the Opposite of Intuition?

I got a new razor over the weekend…the Intuition. My 17 year old sister uses one, so I figured I’d try it out. Why not? She’s in the “in the know” age group …she swims year ’round …so you’d think she’d know about such things. right?

I used it for the first time this morning and I’m feeling all sorts of prickly right now.  Maybe it was just that I was trying to shave my legs while I had goosebumps – I hate that! (I got up a little bit early and the heat hadn’t kicked on yet…anywhere the shower wasn’t directly spraying was a wee bit chilly). But I think it might actually have something to do with the “Skin Conditioning Solid” that surrounds the blade. Cool concept – especially since I don’t use shaving cream or soap while shaving (just water, thanks) – but this possibly means that I’m not getting that nice clean, close shave I’ve gotten used to. I’ll obviously keep trying this “new” invention out (how long has it been around now?), but I suspect that once I get the Solid to where it works right, the blade will be dull.

Anyone else use this? Is it just me?

P.S. Just looked up Intuition … the antonym? Knowledge or reason. Hm.

We Want To See You Too

I was driving into work the other day – in the rain – and noticed that about half the cars around me didn’t have their headlights on. Now, I have to wonder what’s going on inside the heads of these people. When it’s dark out, and you’re driving – you turn your lights on. Right? When it’s raining out…it’s USUALLY dark out as well, so why are you not bothering to turn your lights on at this point?

Also…many states have the windshield wiper/lights law. If your wipers are on, your lights need to be as well. Not sure why it’s a LAW as this should be common sense – but that’s not the point.

Not only are you preventing others from seeing you, but you’re possibly breaking a law!

I used to drive a Bug – it had daytime running lamps, so I got used to it and now my lights are always on – unless Mike has turned them off (as is his habit) and I haven’t realized it. I figure if some of the newer cars have this implemented, there must be some research out there somewhere that it’s safer…who am I to argue?

Anyway  – back to my original point. Turn your lights on in the rain so I can see you!!

It Figures

I finally sign up for NaBloPoMo, and my computer is crashing. It’s hard to get a post a day together when you don’t have a computer that’s working!! I’m actually using Mike’s computer to type this up.

What’s my computer doing, you ask? Freezing with a pretty patchwork of colors across my screen…and then sometimes rebooting, sometimes just staying frozen. Then when it reboots (or I reboot it), I see a double-screen, both half sized, one on top of the other…both in that pretty patchwork of colors. *sigh*

Hopefully my IT guy at work will know what’s going on and be able to do a simple, quick, magical fix. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


One of the nylon kitchen serving spoons we have dropped to the bottom of the dishwasher during this morning’s cycle…and landed on the heating element. *sigh* My whole house smells of melted plastic. And it’s cold outside, so we have the heat turned on … with a window open now. Arg! Cha-ching, cha-ching…there goes a bunch o’ dough out the window….no way I’m sitting in that stank though 😛

…and it figures this happens on a day when we have company coming 😉

For Real?

I went to get Orange’s oil changed today. What an adventure.

First, the car was not in their system. Ya. The system of the dealership where we BOUGHT the car. Luckily, I knew this going in because I had asked a question about it when I brought Olive (the minivan) in last time. When I made the appointment, I mentioned that I was pretty sure Orange wasn’t in the system, so she told me to bring the registration in.

Second, the appointment was made for 11am. It’s only 15 minutes or so away from where I work (which is about an hour away from where I live), so I got there a little bit early to present the above-mentioned registration.

I look around and think, “Sweet! It’s empty in here, this should be nice and fast.” HAH! Boy, I should really stop talking to myself.

An hour and a half later, she comes to let me know that my car is ready. An hour and a half!! For an OIL CHANGE!

I got up to the payment window and casually mentioned, “Man, that took a long time…” left hanging so she could fill in… She said “yup.” I must have sent some daggers of “WHY, WOMAN!? TELL ME NOW!!” because she then went on to say that the garage doors were being worked on today. They were supposed to come in and work on them between 9 and 11, but started late (they must be related to the cable guys – sorry Jon). Therefore, they couldn’t open the bay door to get my car IN. When they were finally able to get it in, the guys started working on the door again, so they couldn’t get my car back OUT. For real?

At least I was able to read my book for a while without being interrupted…

Is It Just My House?

I finally drifted off last night around midnight. Not great when I had struggled with a migraine all day, but at least I was sleeping!

And then, I was abruptly woken by a very high-pitched “BEEP!”

Quick check of the clock (1am), it’s not beeping. Quick check of my phone, it’s not beeping. Quick check of Mike’s phone, computer, anything on his dresser. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Okay – I hear it again – it’s out in the hall! Oh, there’s a smoke detector out there on the bookshelf, it must be running out of batteries. DAMN I hope this doesn’t wake the kids up!! (Side note: Mike’s still snoring…so he’s all good.)

I stand at the smoke detector waiting for the beep. “BEEP!” – not this one. It’s coming from downstairs.

Keep in mind that it’s *1 AM* here…I have major migraine meds in my system…and there’s a very high-pitched beep coming every 20 seconds or so that I cannot locate. What is it about that pitch??

I go grab that special battery smoke detectors (and nothing else) seem to need and the step ladder, and hunt for the damn beep. I stand under the one down in the hall. “BEEP!” Nope. Not this one. *sigh* But I’m closer!

Oh…there’s a carbon monoxide detector on the wall in the living room. I’ll stand there. “BEEP!” THAT’S IT!!! I open the battery compartment…CRAP! It takes AA batteries, not this stupid square one. Go rummage for those…please oh please oh please…woo hoo! There they are. Now where the heck did I put the cover? Okay, there it is…almost under the couch. How did THAT happen? All set.

As I’m walking up the stairs, it occurs to me that these things *never* run out of batteries during the day. Or when your head isn’t already splitting. Why is that??

I finally get my head down on the pillow for some much needed sleep (1:26am).  …is that Burke I hear? *sigh*

Dear Mass(hole) Drivers

Please tell me what makes you so important. Seriously. I’ve been sitting in this *long* line waiting to get on/off some major highway, and you come zipping in from the next lane over and expect me to let you in. Are you kidding me?

Merging. Do you all know the meaning of this word? I can tell you that it is NOT riding the bumper of the car in front of you so that the merge lane cannot get in. C’mon – everyone’s line would go faster if you did what you should have learned in Kindergarten: TAKE TURNS.

If you cut me off so that I have slam on my brakes, at least use the decency to then step on your gas pedal. Seems you were in a huge hurry to get in front of me, but as soon as you got there – that fire under your butt went out.

And what’s with all of you going along side-by-side at the same speed so no one can get around you? For real. I’m actually wondering this. Is there some guide book that I didn’t read that mandates everyone in all lanes go the same speed?

On that same topic, stop riding my butt if I’m in the left lane and have nowhere to go. I cannot go any faster than the car in front of me. And there’s obviously a car right next to me. Where do you expect me to go to get out of your way? And for that matter – what makes you so important that I SHOULD get out of your way?

Oh, and I’ll let you in on a little secret. You know when you’re sitting there on that side road and I’m coming toward you? If there seems to be a lull in the traffic, more often than not – I’ll give you the space to let you in. Unless you try to take it from me.

Is It REALLY Green?

We’ve had the Diaper Dekor Plus diaper pail since the twins were born. We even got a second one when Logan was born. (And we moved, so there are now two bathrooms – a Dekor in each works pretty well since you never know where you’ll be changing diapers.)

Anyway … about 9 months ago or so, the company decided to go “green” and use biodegradable bags in the pail. My first thought was, “hey – that’s pretty cool.” But there are so many things wrong with this. The biggest being that they do not contain the smell as well as the old bags. Lovely. The next problem is the packaging…there are now 2 refills in each box rather than 3 – the price did go down a little, but not THAT much. Wonderful. The other thing very wrong with this is if you start to think about it…it DOESN’T make sense! I’m all for going green when you can…and doing little things here and there makes a big difference. But…the bags are supposed to hold DIAPERS. Probably the biggest non-green things out there. So now what’s going to happen? The bags are going to biodegrade and spill out these stanky things everywhere? No thank you!

What were they THINKING??