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Is It Just My House?

I finally drifted off last night around midnight. Not great when I had struggled with a migraine all day, but at least I was sleeping!

And then, I was abruptly woken by a very high-pitched “BEEP!”

Quick check of the clock (1am), it’s not beeping. Quick check of my phone, it’s not beeping. Quick check of Mike’s phone, computer, anything on his dresser. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Okay – I hear it again – it’s out in the hall! Oh, there’s a smoke detector out there on the bookshelf, it must be running out of batteries. DAMN I hope this doesn’t wake the kids up!! (Side note: Mike’s still snoring…so he’s all good.)

I stand at the smoke detector waiting for the beep. “BEEP!” – not this one. It’s coming from downstairs.

Keep in mind that it’s *1 AM* here…I have major migraine meds in my system…and there’s a very high-pitched beep coming every 20 seconds or so that I cannot locate. What is it about that pitch??

I go grab that special battery smoke detectors (and nothing else) seem to need and the step ladder, and hunt for the damn beep. I stand under the one down in the hall. “BEEP!” Nope. Not this one. *sigh* But I’m closer!

Oh…there’s a carbon monoxide detector on the wall in the living room. I’ll stand there. “BEEP!” THAT’S IT!!! I open the battery compartment…CRAP! It takes AA batteries, not this stupid square one. Go rummage for those…please oh please oh please…woo hoo! There they are. Now where the heck did I put the cover? Okay, there it is…almost under the couch. How did THAT happen? All set.

As I’m walking up the stairs, it occurs to me that these things *never* run out of batteries during the day. Or when your head isn’t already splitting. Why is that??

I finally get my head down on the pillow for some much needed sleep (1:26am).  …is that Burke I hear? *sigh*

6 Responses

  1. That is annoying. I freaked out when our carbon monoxide monitor started beeping, thinking it was actually going off and we were all going to die. Then I realized if that was the case, it would probably be beeping in a more threatening, “GET OUT IMMEDIATELY” kind of way instead of just once every 30 seconds or so.

    Hope tonight’s a better night!

  2. Happened to us just a few weeks ago. It was the smoke detector just outside teh boys bedroom door! Thank goodness it didn’t wake them up!!

  3. We have a system where it is hooked to electricity and to each other (all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide). The problem is you cannot figure out which one is going off (it just beeps occasionally and when it goes off it is ALL of them). We replaced all batteries about 2 months ago (that are supposed to last for 6 months) and one must be bad because I already hear the occasional beep and cannot tell where it is coming from. I second that sigh.

  4. First of all why is there a smoke detector on your bookshelf? I’m pretty sure that is not an approved mounting location. 🙂

    You would not believe how many houses/apartments I go into for work that have that constant ‘low battery’ beep. I’ve gone back to the same apartment a week or so later & it’s still beeping! It’s amazing how some people can live like this. They’re usually nice, clean places too…..NOT! hah

    My smoke detector/carbon monoxide detectors are wired to A/C also, with battery backups. Funny thing is I put them in a few years ago & they haven’t beeped at me yet. Their light is still on so I know they’re still alive. I’d probably completely freak out if they ever went off in the middle of the night, they make noise & talk too. LOL

  5. Jon is lucky he has a light to tell him. The other stupid thing about ours is that there is no light to show if the battery works. Sigh.

  6. Ahhhhh yes! Been there! And, why is it that our husbands sleep through it??? Seriously, would they wake if it was an actual fire!?!

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