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Dear Checkout Lady-

I’m really very sorry that I didn’t realize I was in the express lane until you were 1/4 way through checking out my items. What the heck is an express lane doing in the MIDDLE of all of those lanes anyway?

I’m sorry that you didn’t “have enough room to do anything” on the other side of the counter. This doesn’t mean that I’m happy with the bread being in the same bag as those heavy cans though. I’m one of those anal people who puts their groceries up on the belt in a SPECIFIC order…trying to make life easier for the bagger (or the cashier if you happen to be the bagger as well – or for me, I’m perfectly happy bagging my own groceries). I group all frozen, all refrigerated, all boxes, all cans, all fruits and veggies. There was simply no reason for the smooshing of my bread and bananas.

And the comments to the next person in line (who was also over the 14 item limit … just not by as many as I was) was not entirely appropriate as well. I apologized when I realized my mistake. If you were THAT disgruntled, you could have said something at the very beginning and I would have gladly gone to another lane.

Happy Holidays,

5 Responses

  1. Awkward.
    She needs to get a grip- seriously.

  2. I love your letters to the people who piss you off! HA HA HA HA!

  3. I too put them in order on the belt. For God sake, at least they can TRY to put them in the bags without the soft stuff and veggies crushed by cans.

  4. Geez, if this was the only problem we had, right?! You apologized…end of story. People are just mean and crabby!

  5. I just found your blog and I am loving it.

    I was just at the store last night and I too place my items this way. The cashier took forever bagging them, she had commented on the people in line before me that their items were all jumbled and it took her so long as she needed to re-group them. She then proceeded to take my neat groupings and mix them all up as she bagged them, boxes with cans, juice with the toilet bowl cleaner, trash bags an cinnamon rolls. AHHHHHHHH. I am so anal about this, I won’t let anyone place my things on the belt to be checked and if I could I wold check and bag all of my own stuff!

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