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We Want To See You Too

I was driving into work the other day – in the rain – and noticed that about half the cars around me didn’t have their headlights on. Now, I have to wonder what’s going on inside the heads of these people. When it’s dark out, and you’re driving – you turn your lights on. Right? When it’s raining out…it’s USUALLY dark out as well, so why are you not bothering to turn your lights on at this point?

Also…many states have the windshield wiper/lights law. If your wipers are on, your lights need to be as well. Not sure why it’s a LAW as this should be common sense – but that’s not the point.

Not only are you preventing others from seeing you, but you’re possibly breaking a law!

I used to drive a Bug – it had daytime running lamps, so I got used to it and now my lights are always on – unless Mike has turned them off (as is his habit) and I haven’t realized it. I figure if some of the newer cars have this implemented, there must be some research out there somewhere that it’s safer…who am I to argue?

Anyway  – back to my original point. Turn your lights on in the rain so I can see you!!

4 Responses

  1. I noticed a big difference when I moved from Illinois, where it was the law and one of the things I just learned at the same time that I learned to drive. It seems like almost everyone there turns on their lights when it rains, but not here! It makes such a huge difference! My van has the daytime running lights, now, so I don’t have to worry about it.

  2. My work truck has daytime running lights so that’s an easy one. Although while driving my own vehicle I turn my lights on when it’s raining or driving long trips, and obviously when dark (well maybe not obvious as some don’t do this either). As for the common sense/common courtesy aspect, well this just goes in the same category with me as those who don’t feel they need to bother ever using turn signals. I guess it’s just too much work to move their hand a few inches to flick the little turn signal indicator.

  3. I thought it was the law in most places. It does help so much to be able to see the other car in the rain.

  4. I thought they were gonna make daytime running lamps on all cars? Why didn’t they?

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