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5 Things Friday

Join Cat in her 5 Things Friday! (Cat – it’s really hard to think of topics!! 😛 )

5 Things you might or might not know about
My Family and Why I’m Proud of Them:

  1. My Husband. There are so many things…I’m so proud of him as a Daddy – he does such a wonderful job with the kids! He’s so patient with them (and with me!) He’s a cancer researcher – which in itself is kick-butt. He works so hard, but his family always comes first.
  2. My kids. All of them are just so smart already – we’re in so much trouble! I’m proud of how far Burke has come in the last few months. His speech classes have paid off – his talking has just taken off! And he’s gotten a *LOT* better at controlling his moods (I’m sure being able to express himself has helped.) Maggie is just such a little girl. She’s gotten much better at listening lately. Logan continues to impress me with his little mind. He’s not even 1 and he’s already figured out which buttons to push on my cell phone to make it unlock (he even called Aunt Cathy all by himself the other day LOL)
  3. My Dad. Gosh. There are so many things here too. My Dad went to Yale, and then Harvard…and then became a farmer. . . and then sold all the cows and got computers and started his own business. And when my parents divorced, he got custody of all 4 kids – and made it work. He even remarried and had another kid.
  4. My Mom. There are a bunch of things here too. It’s sort of strange to say, but I’m proud of her for recognizing that she couldn’t stay with my dad and doing something about it when not many people would. She made sure to stay in our lives – even when she and her husband moved to Brazil for a few years. And I’m proud of how strong she’s been since she lost her husband a few months ago.
  5. My Siblings. All of them! You’d think we’d be more messed up than we are – but I think we all turned out really well. 🙂 We are all super successful in work (even Meg – who is 17 next month – had multiple jobs this summer.) And we all keep in touch – a LOT. I don’t know of a lot of “bigger” families who can say that.

So…a sappy 5 this time around, but it had to be done.

5 Things Friday

Join Cat in her 5 Things Friday!

5 Things you might or might not know about
Crafts I Miss:

(I say “Miss” because I haven’t been able to do any of them for quite some time.)

  1. Crocheting. I taught myself how to crochet in college after basic lessons from my mom when I was still in grade school. (She taught me how to do a granny square 🙂 ) It’s one of my favorite crafts to do!
  2. Cross-Stitch. The counted kind. It’s probably a good thing I haven’t done this one in a while…it had started to hurt my wrists.
  3. Scrap booking. I believe that my scrap book is forever stuck half way through my honeymoon…
  4. Quilting. Okay, so I’ve really only done one quilt. And I haven’t even finished that one yet (*blush*) It was only started…oh, 6 years ago or so!
  5. Tatting. Okay, so I don’t actually know HOW to tat, but I had just started to teach myself how to do it after finding my Grandfather’s shuttle when life happened. (It’s HARD!!)

There’s talk of getting a Stitch ‘n B*tch “club” together at some point…I gotta get off my hiney and start that up! (I learned so much from the last one I belonged to – that’s where I started my quilt!)

5 Things Friday

Join Cat in her 5 Things Friday!

5 Things you might or might not know about
Boardgames I Love:

  1. Blockus
  2. Taboo
  3. Boggle
  4. Scattergories
  5. Outburst

…not that I’ve played any in a while…

5 Things Friday

Join Cat in her 5 Things Friday!

5 Things you might or might not know about
Things I won’t eat:

  • Sea food. Any of it. Well, the occasional tuna fish sandwich … and clam chowder from the Naked Fish…but definitely not a sea food lover.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Avocado. Do you sense a pattern here? Texture, baby.
  • Wings. C’mon – really? THAT much mess and THAT much work for such a little payback?? right.
  • Recee’s Peanut butter Cups. Or anything that’s peanut butter and chocolate. Peanuts and chocolate are great – peanut butter and chocolate – not so much.

5 Things Friday

Cat does a 5 Things Friday and asked if people would like to do their own. By now you know I’m a joiner…so here goes! 🙂

5 Things you might or might not know about
my education:

  1. I started out in pre-school at a private school called the Otter Creek School. It was run by two couples: Stan and Priscilla, who were the pre-school/kindergarten teachers. And Anne and Marty who were the grade school teachers. When I finished 2nd grade, the school closed because one of the couples divorced (coincidentally, the same year my parents divorced AND they stopped the Easter Egg hunt at my church – my world was collapsing! …the things you remember…) Since it closed, that lead to…
  2. Starting 3rd grade in public school: The Vergennes Elementary School. Since Vergennes isn’t very big, I already knew a bunch of people who went there, so it wasn’t too traumatic. Elementary school went through 6th grade, so that lead to…
  3. Going to Vergennes Union High School. The high school was for grades 7 – 12. No middle school since, again, Vergennes isn’t that big. The average class size is around 100 kids – so you pretty much knew everyone in the whole school. (plus, my step-mom is the band teacher, so you get to know about more than you really ever want to 😉 Okay – I wanted to know. LOL)
  4. College was at Clarkson University. A small engineering school where the ratio (at the time) was 1 girl to every 7 guys. I started out as an engineer, but *hated* it. I really liked the school so I looked around to find something else and kind of fell into Technical Communication.
  5. After college, I’d have enough of school … for about a semester. When I was at Clarkson, my department chair had been asked if anyone would be interested in attending grad school. At the time I said no way, but then realized that I would be stupid to pass up an almost all expeses paid degree. So off I went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and got my master’s degree in Professional and Technical Communication.