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5 Things Friday

Cat does a 5 Things Friday and asked if people would like to do their own. By now you know I’m a joiner…so here goes! 🙂

5 Things you might or might not know about
my education:

  1. I started out in pre-school at a private school called the Otter Creek School. It was run by two couples: Stan and Priscilla, who were the pre-school/kindergarten teachers. And Anne and Marty who were the grade school teachers. When I finished 2nd grade, the school closed because one of the couples divorced (coincidentally, the same year my parents divorced AND they stopped the Easter Egg hunt at my church – my world was collapsing! …the things you remember…) Since it closed, that lead to…
  2. Starting 3rd grade in public school: The Vergennes Elementary School. Since Vergennes isn’t very big, I already knew a bunch of people who went there, so it wasn’t too traumatic. Elementary school went through 6th grade, so that lead to…
  3. Going to Vergennes Union High School. The high school was for grades 7 – 12. No middle school since, again, Vergennes isn’t that big. The average class size is around 100 kids – so you pretty much knew everyone in the whole school. (plus, my step-mom is the band teacher, so you get to know about more than you really ever want to 😉 Okay – I wanted to know. LOL)
  4. College was at Clarkson University. A small engineering school where the ratio (at the time) was 1 girl to every 7 guys. I started out as an engineer, but *hated* it. I really liked the school so I looked around to find something else and kind of fell into Technical Communication.
  5. After college, I’d have enough of school … for about a semester. When I was at Clarkson, my department chair had been asked if anyone would be interested in attending grad school. At the time I said no way, but then realized that I would be stupid to pass up an almost all expeses paid degree. So off I went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and got my master’s degree in Professional and Technical Communication.