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Thursday Theater

Goddess hosts Thursday Theater. Wanna join in? Go add your name to the list!

This week’s theme is supposed to be Food – but I’m going to be a rebel. Simply because…I can 🙂

These are not the best quality videos … they were taken with my cell phone and YouTube has just the one size (which is a lot bigger than necessary with these). I tried Vimeo, but the wait to upload one 11 second video was over 100 minutes. For real??

Anyway – here’s the fearless Logan going down the slide in the back yard.

(11 seconds)

This one is Logan again, but you can also see Burke and Maggie on the see-saw in the background.

(11 seconds)

Wishing For Summer

The other day, Maggie looked at me and declared “I like Summer.” I believe she had just seen some snowflakes. Poor kid. I like Summer too!

The sun was actually shining today, so we went outside for a while and pretended like it was summer.