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Maggie’s First Playdate

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve had playdates before. How can this be Maggie’s first? Well…it’s a first because it was a friend for just Maggie (although, Burke did get in on the fun at times). And it’s a first because it was a friend dropped off. . . Little Miss A’s mom didn’t stay!

Maggie and Little Miss A play dress up at school ALL.THE.TIME. It’s all I ever hear about when Maggie gets home from school. And it sounds like they have a lot of fun too. So I contacted Little Miss A’s mom and asked if she’d like to come over. Whoo Boy – the excitment! 🙂

I didn’t get permission to post Little Miss A’s picture, so all you’ll see here is the back of her head.


Princess Butterfly and CinderMagella



Ganging up on Burke

Ganging up on Burke



Play Dates

When I first had the twins, I had grand thoughts of play dates and connecting with other moms and other kids. Mmm hmmm. The kids were born early – and in January – so we weren’t really allowed to take them out anywhere – for a while – for fear their preemie lungs would get sick. When I was finally able to take them out it was SO.NOT.FUN. And not because of the company we were in – seriously!! I didn’t get it. I really wanted the kids to PLAY. Ya right – too little. I really wanted to be able to talk with other moms. Ya right – too many little ones wanting too many things. What was the point of this play date thing again??

So then, the kids got a little older and I thought perhaps we might enjoy ourselves if we tried again. Mmm hmmm. Still to young to enjoy playing with other kids, and now they were hauling a$$ in different directions, so I still didn’t get to have any fun. I was so busy trying to keep them from wrecking the place or killing each other that I wasn’t able to chat with the other mom(s) at all.

Eventually, we got it. Play dates are FUN!! The kids play, the moms chat. All is right with the world. Except…now that I *want* to have play dates, I never have the TIME to have them. Is it wrong to ask everyone you know to come over on the ONE day you might have free?

The Host

We had a play date today with another set of twins, Hannah and Sophie, who are just about a year younger than Burke and Maggie. We had a wonderful time and played outside and in. Burke, as usual, had a hard time sharing “his” outside toys. He’s very possessive about his Cozy Coup, Logan’s swing (so he can be in it), and his tricycle among other things. Inside toys don’t seem to bother him as much…there was the occasional “That’s not yours!” But he didn’t collapse into tears inside.

Once inside, we had some snacks and then played with legos and the kitchen items. And everyone decided to use the potty! While Hannah was sitting there, Burke very nicely brought her a snack and her milk…and then I noticed that all he had on was a shirt. Geeeeeez! He brought Sophie her snack and milk as well…with no pants.

When we had our play date last week with N and B (from What a Card fame – another really good time! These two will be in the same class as Burke and Maggie … how cool is that?!), I do believe Burke’s pants stayed on. . .

I certainly hope that this isn’t going to be Burke’s trend with the ladies…