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Brotherly Love

This morning, at 6:45, I heard Logan wake up through the monitor. (He’s not so quiet when he wakes up.) My policy is that I don’t go in to get any of the kids until the clock reads at least 7:00.

As I was pondering whether to go in and try to calm him down or just ignore him for 15 minutes, I heard the Twins’ door open. My immediate thought was, “Oh man. Logan woke Burke up…Burke’s going to come jump into bed with us now.” And waited to hear the door open.

Well…I DID hear a door open, but it wasn’t our’s… it was Logan’s door. And then I heard the following conversation:

Burke: Do you want the light on?
Logan: Nooooo!
Burke: Do you want a blanket?
Logan: Nooooo!
Burke: Do you want another paci?
Logan: Paci!!

And Burke kept talking with him for 10 – 15 minutes. Go Burke 🙂


I knew I’d forget one! I totally forgot that I saw Damn Yankees/Bad Company in concert! I’ve updated that post


Heard through the monitor at 6:45 this morning

Burke: It’s morning time!

Maggie: No! It’s night time!

(Burke won…they woke up and played with their Cars cars for a while.)