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Is It Just Me?

When I was younger and had bad dreams, I used to try to envision a jukebox full of all of my good dreams and memories.

In my mind I’d run the jukebox arm across the records (yes, they were records at that point!) looking for that perfect dream to “play” instead of the bad one I’d woken up to. They’d all pop up one at a time and show me a snippet of something I might be interested in. When I found the right one, I’d just relax into it.

I honestly don’t remember if someone put this image into my mind to help me out at night…it’s hard for me to imagine that I came up with it by myself!

So, how the heck do I pass that along to my kids? Do they even have jukeboxes anymore??

Dear Grandma-


Grandma at age 92

I miss you! I can hardly believe that it’s been 2 and a half years since I last saw you. Remember? We came up to visit and celebrate the twins’ first birthday. Maggie shared her prized boots with you. The kids got so hyped up on birthday cake that they couldn’t stop giggling. And Burke was crawling around in circles (in his diaper because his clothes were covered in cake). I’m so glad that they were able to meet you.

It breaks my heart that they won’t have any of their own memories of you and that Logan will never have the pleasure of meeting you. Oh sure, we have pictures around. Lots of pictures! And I talk about you to them so they know who “Great Grammy” is. And I know you see them. I know that you keep an eye on them all. And that’s really comforting.