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Is It Just Me?

When I was younger and had bad dreams, I used to try to envision a jukebox full of all of my good dreams and memories.

In my mind I’d run the jukebox arm across the records (yes, they were records at that point!) looking for that perfect dream to “play” instead of the bad one I’d woken up to. They’d all pop up one at a time and show me a snippet of something I might be interested in. When I found the right one, I’d just relax into it.

I honestly don’t remember if someone put this image into my mind to help me out at night…it’s hard for me to imagine that I came up with it by myself!

So, how the heck do I pass that along to my kids? Do they even have jukeboxes anymore??

3 Responses

  1. I love it!! Maybe an IPod? hee hee.
    Scott hung up “dream catchers” with the twins to “catch their bad dreams” before they happen. However, T would still complain he had bad dreams. Scott recycled the DreamCatcher with Little Guy, who informs us from time-to-time that the Dream Catcher worked and caught all his bad dreams!

  2. I was thinking IPod, too, or the TV menu. Great idea! What makes you think you couldn’t have come up with it on your own? Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it for frazzled parents I see.

  3. Oh wow, what a great way to calm yourself. Brilliant! I can think of an Ipod, or maybe one of those machines that dispense little balls with toys in. You know what I mean ? Sometimes you get the toy you want, sometimes not?

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