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The Proposal

No, not the movie. And nope, not Mike’s to me…

We’ve had quite a few in our family over the past few weeks though. I’ll be in the kitchen and I’ll hear Burke and Maggie in the other room talking about how to best make it so they can both pet the cat. And then I’ll hear Burke say something along the lines of: “Maggie, let’s get married – that way we can share Tiger!” Or we’ll be giving the kids a bath and I’ll hear Burke say, “Logan, let’s get married so we can share that toy.” Good to see he doesn’t discriminate 😉  And I suppose I should be happy that we’re teaching them one aspect of a good marriage … it’s all about sharing. LOL!

It made me wonder if he asks everyone at school to marry him as well. And while I haven’t heard any stories about Burke, I did run into the mom of one of Maggie’s classmates at Open House the other night. Apparently Troy* came home the other day and said, “Mom! I have something to tell you!” …but then got shy and didn’t want to tell her right away. After a little while he came out with “Maggie asked me to marry her today!!” Now I have to wonder what toy he was playing with 😉

When I got home, I mentioned to Maggie that I had me Troy’s mom. She calmly said, “Oh, I asked Troy to marry me. He said no.” And that was the end of that.

*Name changed.


There have been a few things going on around me that have made me stop and really think about marriage.

Let’s get one thing straight. I have a *KICK ASS* marriage. I just hope I don’t take it for granted – ever.

I do worry that we’ll get complacent…and the worry extends to “we’re together because it’s what we know and we just haven’t thought about anything else…” But I can honestly say that even though there’s routine in my marriage (get up, get the kids up, get everyone ready, work, dinner for the kids, TV time for the kids, bed for the kids, dinner for the adults, TV time, bed. Repeat.), it’s not boring or dull. I think that’s because Mike makes me laugh. And I think it’s because even doing the boring and dull things – when done together – makes them less boring (Costco runs come to mind).

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is how people get married. Mike and I got married in a church (read all about it), and our minister had us take a compatibility test to see if we needed counseling before tying the knot. Turns out the test pretty much declared we should already be married – but that’s not where I’m going with this. My wonder is, what about all of those people who didn’t take these test before getting married? Or what if they take the test and it says, “DON’T DO IT!!!” ?? Do people ignore the ‘warnings’ … or do they go on with major counseling? And what happens to these couples?

Seven years ago this month, I was ‘ordained’ JP for a day so I could marry two of my friends. I was flabbergasted that they asked, and honored to do it. However, the couple I married is no longer a couple. Now, I don’t blame myself for this at all…but I do have to wonder if they had used someone other than me, would they have been given that compatibility test? And what would it have said? *I* had thought they were a good match. And perhaps they were – at the time. I’m definitely happy that they realized it wasn’t working and did something about it. But it still makes me wonder.