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I am a technology junkie. No. Really! πŸ˜‰

I love all my gadgets and gizmos. My Flip, my Palm Pre, my Kindle, my iPod, my Garmin GPS (even if it does snootily say “Recalculating” if I make a wrong turn), and my DVR (how do parents survive without a DVR??). I’m sure there’s something I’m missing…but you get the idea.

I love blogging (like you couldn’t guess), Facebook, and Twitter. I love my online moms groups. I’d never talk with anyone if email wasn’t an option. Technology RULES!!

Except in one area. The one thing I refuse to turn over to technology? My calendar. I doubt that I’ll ever give up my planner. I need to see it all laid out on paper. I had an electronic calendar once – when they were first becoming popular – and I didn’t love it. So perhaps that’s jaded me and they’ve come a long way since then…but *shrug* And I DO use the calendar on my Pre (that can sync to the calendar in Outlook), but I use that mostly so that a reminder *dings* when I need to call into a meeting, or pick up the kids from school, or let Nanny Jessica go home, or head to some class somewhere. And I only put those in after I’ve consulted my paper planner!

Is there something out there that you’ve dug your heals in and said “Nope, not upgrading to that!” ..?

I’m Flippin’ Out!

(A review of my new Flip)

I received a gift certificate from my Brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. This made it possible to purchase my Flip. And OHMYGOD, the thing is wonderful.

It’s super light – almost to the point where you might think it’s cheap, except that it’s anything but.

It fits right in a coat pocket for easy access, and is only slightly bigger than my cell phone.

The biggest button is the one you press to record video and then stop the recording. You can zoom (a little).

You can play back the video or delete it.

The thing is called a Flip because the USB connection arm flips out to connect it to your computer – no cords to lose!!

When you plug it in for the first time, it automatically loads the software that it comes with. Then, each time you plug it in after, it recognizes that you’ve connected and automatically pulls up the software.

Here’s where things get easy as well. FlipShare is super, super easy! You indicate the videos you want to save to your computer, or to a “Flip Channel” – where you can share the video with friends and family, or to a place online (Facebook and YouTube are just a drag-n-drop away!). You can edit the video by snipping it from the front or back, and you can string a few videos together. You can create a greeting card or – my favorite part – grab a snapshot from anywhere in the video!

The screen is a bit small, so it takes some getting used to the distance you need to be away from your subject. It’s just slightly different than a regular camera, but easy to get used to with some use. My only complaint is that it doesn’t zoom much at all. But … since I know that, I won’t try to shoot video of things that are far away πŸ™‚

Some samples for your viewing pleasure.

(49 seconds)

And a snapshot from that video

Maggie After Singing

(27 seconds)

And a snapshot from that video

Burke After singing

(39 seconds)

And a snapshot from that video


I did not receive this Flip from an outside source to review.
I purchased it on my own with my hard-earned Christmas gift card πŸ˜‰