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I am a technology junkie. No. Really! 😉

I love all my gadgets and gizmos. My Flip, my Palm Pre, my Kindle, my iPod, my Garmin GPS (even if it does snootily say “Recalculating” if I make a wrong turn), and my DVR (how do parents survive without a DVR??). I’m sure there’s something I’m missing…but you get the idea.

I love blogging (like you couldn’t guess), Facebook, and Twitter. I love my online moms groups. I’d never talk with anyone if email wasn’t an option. Technology RULES!!

Except in one area. The one thing I refuse to turn over to technology? My calendar. I doubt that I’ll ever give up my planner. I need to see it all laid out on paper. I had an electronic calendar once – when they were first becoming popular – and I didn’t love it. So perhaps that’s jaded me and they’ve come a long way since then…but *shrug* And I DO use the calendar on my Pre (that can sync to the calendar in Outlook), but I use that mostly so that a reminder *dings* when I need to call into a meeting, or pick up the kids from school, or let Nanny Jessica go home, or head to some class somewhere. And I only put those in after I’ve consulted my paper planner!

Is there something out there that you’ve dug your heals in and said “Nope, not upgrading to that!” ..?

5 Responses

  1. Hmm, we are pretty darn electronic here. Can’t live without our TiVo. But I must say I do most things with a single gadget that syncs to my computer or online accounts. My ipod touch is great. It totally replaces other mp3 players/pdas. I’d have an iPhone if it weren’t limited to AT&T. Then I wouldn’t need a separate cell phone. I use it as my ebook reader, too. Dave and I share all of our google calendars, which are color coded and sync to each iTouch. We do print our a copy of the calendar each month and hang it on the fridge for easy reference and our list of emergency contacts is also hanging on the fridge for our babysitters. Does that count?

    I also hang a notepad for our grocery list on the fridge. I actually prefer to shop with a paper list, so maybe that’s my hold out.

  2. YES! LOVE my paper planner, and wait for it, my CHECKBOOK! Only when I am running scandalously behind will I pay online. There’s some kind of perverse pleasure in “seeing” the money go. (Online it’s almost too easy). I love my old-school VCR too….but rarely use it (we don’t have and aren’t getting TiVO or a DVR. We’ve got on-demand, and if between that, and the gazillion and 4 channels we have we cannot find something to watch, I’ll either go online, read or grab a glass of wine 😉 )

    Great post, Ms. Nancy!

  3. I LOVE to read books. I love the smell of the paper, esp old books (I’m strange, I know) I don;t think i could ever give up sitting and reading a good old fashioned book.

    OH! I know another one! I will always send REAL Christmas cards. No e-cards for me 🙂

  4. My moleskine diary! And note book. I love paper.

  5. I guess by your standards, I’m not that up to date with technology at all. No Flip, no Palm Pre, no Kindle, and I have an iPod touch that I got free with my new lap top that I’ve never even turned on. We do not have a DVR (Hulu is how I get by when I actually find a bit of time for TV), and while I am on FB, I have not yet joined Twitter.

    However, I DO use the electronic calender on my laptop (iCal) and I love it! I haven’t used a paper planner in years.

    Go figure! 🙂

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