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Still Sore

On Sunday, I was walking up the stairs to put Logan down for his nap. About 1/3 of the way up, he dropped a sticker and pointed to it…so I turned around to get it for him…and lost my balance. Logan and I tumbled down the stairs and landed on the appropriately-named landing. I believe I said “Oh!” as my (thankfully very cushioned) bum hit that bottom step.

Being a mom, I tried to shield Logan from any bumps…which I THINK I did…he may have squished a finger between my elbow and a step, but that’s it, and it wasn’t bad. I KNOW it scared him. Hell –  it scared me! (Nothing a little Elmo BooBoo couldn’t fix for him though.)

I’m not quite sure what I did to myself. I think I hit my elbow on the window sill …and then the upper part of the same arm on a step or two. (Some nice bruising there.) I have a few bruises on my bum, but nothing major. And I can’t tell if I hit my back or just wrenched it while twisting to get Logan out of the path of … well, me. I know my neck is tender because of the tensing up part…

Thank God nothing is broken – on either of us! I’ll take a little tenderness if it means that Logan was spared all of the pain.