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Still Sore

On Sunday, I was walking up the stairs to put Logan down for his nap. About 1/3 of the way up, he dropped a sticker and pointed to it…so I turned around to get it for him…and lost my balance. Logan and I tumbled down the stairs and landed on the appropriately-named landing. I believe I said “Oh!” as my (thankfully very cushioned) bum hit that bottom step.

Being a mom, I tried to shield Logan from any bumps…which I THINK I did…he may have squished a finger between my elbow and a step, but that’s it, and it wasn’t bad. I KNOW it scared him. Hell –  it scared me! (Nothing a little Elmo BooBoo couldn’t fix for him though.)

I’m not quite sure what I did to myself. I think I hit my elbow on the window sill …and then the upper part of the same arm on a step or two. (Some nice bruising there.) I have a few bruises on my bum, but nothing major. And I can’t tell if I hit my back or just wrenched it while twisting to get Logan out of the path of … well, me. I know my neck is tender because of the tensing up part…

Thank God nothing is broken – on either of us! I’ll take a little tenderness if it means that Logan was spared all of the pain.

4 Responses

  1. I’m glad y’all weren’t hurt bad! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Owie! I hope you’re OK!

    It hurts BAD to fall down as a grown-up, whereas when I was a kid I just got right back up and went about my business.

    My worst fall was when I stepped on one of Bee’s dolls on the top step, and slid all the way down the carpeted stairs on my back. It took all the skin off in this giant stripe, from my shoulders to my tailbone, Man that HURT!

  3. Glad you are both ok. I fell down the office stairs on tuesday last week – bog ouch.

  4. Oh my! It’s even more awful reading the details here than just seeing your tweets the other day.
    Be sure to rest a bit. You’re gonna be sore for a while 😦

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