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Still Sore

On Sunday, I was walking up the stairs to put Logan down for his nap. About 1/3 of the way up, he dropped a sticker and pointed to it…so I turned around to get it for him…and lost my balance. Logan and I tumbled down the stairs and landed on the appropriately-named landing. I believe I said “Oh!” as my (thankfully very cushioned) bum hit that bottom step.

Being a mom, I tried to shield Logan from any bumps…which I THINK I did…he may have squished a finger between my elbow and a step, but that’s it, and it wasn’t bad. I KNOW it scared him. Hell –  it scared me! (Nothing a little Elmo BooBoo couldn’t fix for him though.)

I’m not quite sure what I did to myself. I think I hit my elbow on the window sill …and then the upper part of the same arm on a step or two. (Some nice bruising there.) I have a few bruises on my bum, but nothing major. And I can’t tell if I hit my back or just wrenched it while twisting to get Logan out of the path of … well, me. I know my neck is tender because of the tensing up part…

Thank God nothing is broken – on either of us! I’ll take a little tenderness if it means that Logan was spared all of the pain.

PB – Maggie’s First Hospital Visit

It’s another slow day, so I thought I’d write about another thing I know I would have written about had I been blogging when it happened 🙂 So – this is “Pre-Blog” or PB.

This happened last November…and even though I KNOW she’s okay, it still makes me a little sick to my stomach thinking about it. I’ve copied a lot from an email I wrote to my family about it. (Sorry if you’ve read it before!) And yes…that does read “first” visit … perhaps on another slow day I’ll write about the second visit. [Update: I wrote about the second visit!]

One night in November, Maggie was transported to the emergency room in an ambulance. She had a HUGE bruise on her forehead and probably an even bigger headache.

Around 5:00 or 5:30, she was running around in her socks on the hardwood floor…slipped and went down. As far as we can tell, she didn’t hit anything on the way down (although, she could have banged a chair or the pack-n-play). I went over to pick her up and started checking her out…didn’t see anything until I brushed her bangs away. The “lump” was sticking out about 2 inches off of her head! (And I’m not even exaggerating.) It was stretching her skin so much that it was splitting. I called for Mike and by the time he came up from the basement, Maggie threw up on me and passed out. Pretty scary. We called 911 and before Mike was even off the phone, the first responders were here (they ARE just down the street…)

Maggie was strapped to a backboard and went to the hospital with Mike. Logan (since he was only 2 months old and nursing ’round the clock) and I followed in the car. Burke and Aunt Cathy stayed home. Poor Cathy had to deal with a *very* distraught Burke “Gee! Truck!” over and over again until he fell to sleep. (Gee was Burke-speak for Maggie)

At the hospital as soon as they took Maggie off the backboard, she wanted to put her shoes and jacket on and GET OUT of there. (it was actually kind of cute.) But they wanted to keep her for an hour for observation. The swelling had already gone down considerably. About 1/2 hour into it, she threw up again…which meant they had to do a CT Scan. What a trooper. They wanted to wait until she fell to sleep because you can’t move during it. She did fall to sleep within about 5 minutes, but woke up when Mike carried her to the room. They told Mike to talk with her, but he couldn’t think of any stories or anything – so he explained to her how the CT Scan works. LOL Needless to say, the technician was surprised and impressed, and Maggie stayed still. CT Scan came back negative – thank God!

We brought her home and watched Cars for the rest of the night. She had some juice, but threw it up again. She woke up twice in the night, once because her juice was “missing” and she wanted it back to hold, and then again at about 5:00, I think because Burke was coughing. She asked for meds and then went right back to sleep.

The following morning she was singing the ABCs and doing fine. She even ate a muffin. She’d say “HURTS!” and point to her head – usually right around 1/2 hour before the meds were due again.

Here’s pictures of the battered…taken the morning after. She actually posed for some of them 😛