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Friday’s Fotos

I have a …strange… cat. He’s an orange guy…looks like a tiger, even named Tiger. He likes to jump in the shower with me if I forget to close the door (aren’t cats supposed to hate water??). He likes to pee in the bathroom sink (and sometimes more. *sigh*). One of his favorite spots during the day is right behind my laptop (I’m sure that the warm fan has something to do with that).

But the thing that takes the cake? He likes hair. Especially when it’s still on your head and smells good. If you’ve just taken a shower, he’ll jump up on the back of the couch and well, molest your head.

While here last weekend to celebrate Burke and Maggie’s birthday, my Dad witnessed this first hand.

"What's this cat doing to me??"

And the video to go along. Poor Dad was just trying to read to Logan 🙂

(1 minute, 3 seconds)

4 Responses

  1. I love your cat!! I love sweet cats. I have one right now who’s giving me some grief, but a lot of love that makes up for it. I used to have 3 (sigh).

  2. OMG!

  3. Oh that is just silly!

  4. One of our cats LOVES water and he also licks wet hair. He gets right into the bathtub with the girls on a regular basis. He’s part Turkish Van. They are often called “swimming cats” because of their love of water. They are usually white with yellow markings. Maybe your cat is part Van, too. 🙂

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