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Blanket Wars

I’ve always known that I’m a bit of a … let’s say … blanket hog. Or perhaps the correct term is blanket thrasher.

While growing up, I actually had a hand-me-down king sized comforter on my twin sized bed because I moved around so much and the twin sized comforter just wouldn’t stay put. Seriously. When I’d wake up in the morning, there’d be a pool of blanket on the floor and I’d be freezing. It got better with the king sized one…but it still happened.

Now that I’m in a king sized bed … and sharing it no less … there are no bigger sized comforters AND I have someone who tugs back!!

When Mike and I first got together, I thought he was a blanket hog. (And I still do think that sometimes.) And I swear that he tucks ’em all under his body so I can’t budge them!!

As the years have passed though, I’ve noticed that when we wake up, more often than not, the blankets are more on my side of the bed. At first I felt bad…but then I realized that half way through the night, Mike throws the covers OFF!! And when that happens, my shoulders get cold, so I snuggle in (and ah, tug the covers back around me). So…it’s only sometimes that I hog ’em … and it’s Mike’s fault, right? LOL! 🙂

You’d think that having two blanket hogs would even the playing field.

5 Responses

  1. Oh yes, the blanket wars! My thinking is since he throws the covers off of him, you have every right to snuggle with more of the covers!

  2. My husband tucks the covers under him too! That aggravates me cause he’s taking more cover off me!

  3. How funny! I *love* being wrapped around my big heavy feather comforter in the winter. I recently told Scott that if I should die before him, make sure the feathers are wrapped around me in the casket to keep me warm for eternity.

  4. Too cute! I love the snuggles too.

  5. Sounds so familiar.

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