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Stray Kitty Update

Alas, the stray kitty was not meant to be with us. Mike saw our neighbors from a few houses down carrying her home Saturday night.

I have mixed feelings…she was SOOOO beautiful (the picture doesn’t do her justice), and I’d love to have a new cat (or two).

However, we already have two cats. And they’re not exactly young. And they didn’t exactly get along when we first put them together (heck, it’s been 8 years and they still don’t!) so I’m guessing adding a 3rd to the mix wouldn’t be exactly smart.

But the tug is still there……

Friday’s Fotos

I have a …strange… cat. He’s an orange guy…looks like a tiger, even named Tiger. He likes to jump in the shower with me if I forget to close the door (aren’t cats supposed to hate water??). He likes to pee in the bathroom sink (and sometimes more. *sigh*). One of his favorite spots during the day is right behind my laptop (I’m sure that the warm fan has something to do with that).

But the thing that takes the cake? He likes hair. Especially when it’s still on your head and smells good. If you’ve just taken a shower, he’ll jump up on the back of the couch and well, molest your head.

While here last weekend to celebrate Burke and Maggie’s birthday, my Dad witnessed this first hand.

"What's this cat doing to me??"

And the video to go along. Poor Dad was just trying to read to Logan 🙂

(1 minute, 3 seconds)

Tiger no longer poos on the floor!!

(originally emailed to MMOTA group)

My lovely cat starting pooing on the floor when my (now) husband and his cat first moved in with me…after 6 years of trying EVERYTHING under the sun (I know … gross…) we found a solution!!

A little background: Tiger would always poo RIGHT outside the litter box – not random places around the house. It didn’t matter what kind of kitty litter we used, how many boxes used, or which of the 3 different places we lived in – this is where he wanted to go. We did resolve it for a little bit by putting a rug under the box (he won’t poo on a rug), but cleaning kitty litter out of a rug is almost as nasty (and we moved, so that option went away).

OKAY the solution?? Mike was in a rush one morning about a month ago and grabbed some of the clorox wipes we have instead of the usual cleaning supplies he uses to clean up. They happened to be orange scented….no poo on the floor since, and Mike wipes down the floor with them every 3rd day to make sure Tiger can still smell it! IF ONLY we’d known about this 6 years ago 😛 I think the key is the orange scent.

Anyway – I hope this makes someone’s life a little less pooey…and lets the cat stay in the house! (we were very patient with Tiger…my family thought we were nuts, but I just couldn’t get rid of him.)