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Various Cute Things That Happened Today

Burke sang along in church today. He doesn’t have all of the words, but he gets the notes pretty darn close. And I’m pretty sure he’d never heard the song before (MAYBE once before…maybe.)

Maggie sings to herself allllll the time. She sings about what she happens to be doing at the moment. Even when she’s on the potty. “I’m peeeeeeing…on the pooooottttttttty” la la la (Kind of reminds me of the movie Elf…)

When the kids demand something, we give the hairy eyeball and that’s when they know (sometimes) to say “Please.” If, at this point, all they’ve said is please, we usually tell them, “please say the whole sentence.” Maggie was giving Burke Cheerios this morning, but making him ask for each one. When Burke would just say “please”, she’d parrot our mantra…to which Burke said, “The whole sentence.” Mike was so proud.

While we were out playing in the back yard today, Burke asked to pee in the yellow bucket. What *IS* it with boys and peeing in random spots? 😛

The kids (all 3!) attended their first baseball game today. We saw the Lowell Spinners (Red Sox Single A team) play Aberdeen. Burke was totally into it and grabbed a baseball hat on our way out the door (an old one of mine with a former work logo on it – we gotta get this kid a Red Sox hat!). He then proceeded to dance his way through the family-friendly, always-something-happening, tunes-rockin’ game.

Logan had his turn at dancing away as well. Maggie was just running back and forth making friends with anyone who would talk with her. My Twins group had purchased a block of tickets, so there were even other people there we knew.

On our way out, Burke spotted a “tractor” (Looked like a John Deere golf cart…). It happened to be heading into the parking garage we parked in, so we all jogged up the stairs and caught it on every floor. By the time the 3rd floor came around, the guys driving it realized what we were doing and gave a little wave. LOL! Burke wants to go back again. 🙂

When we got home, we saw our resident “Baby Bunny” in the yard. The twins, of course, took off after it. I think Baby Bunny is getting used to this though. He actually lets us get fairly close. We went inside in search of some carrots…when we brought them outside both Maggie and Burke were saying things like “Bunny!! Carrots for you!” and “Wooo Hoooo, Buuuuunnnnnny!” (at the top of their lungs). We finally convinced them that the bunny was scared of them and wouldn’t come out until we all went inside. I think it tickled Burke that something was scared of him…he repeated this numerous times.

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