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And So It Goes…

I learned today that our beloved Nanny Jessica will be moving in 2 months. To say that I’m bummed is an understatement. And the kids are at an age where I think this will be a pretty big impact for them as well.

I’m incredibly happy for Nanny Jessica, as this move means great things for her – and I’m a firm believer in doing things that are right for you; but obviously…this sucks!!

And it has to make one wonder…Nanny Jessica is our 9th nanny. Yes, you read that right. NINE. I’m here and I know exactly why each nanny has left us (or been fired…), and it still makes me pause and wonder… are my kids THAT bad? And then…I know that they aren’t. I mean, they are definitely kids, but they’re good kids. So…does that mean that Mike and I are terrible employers? I don’t think so…I mean, I think I’m incredibly flexible (it helps that my job is flexible with me so I can be flexible with my nanny). And I know I’m grumpy in the morning, but after the coffee kicks in, I’d like to think that I’m relatively pleasant. And I try to not butt in and let the nanny be in charge when she’s here…

So … I guess that just means we’re left with lousy luck.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that we’ll find a wonderful replacement!