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My Teeth Tickle

Sounds like something I’d have to decipher from my kids, right? Ya. No. One guess for who said it. Ya. That’d be me. But seriously – my teeth tickle.

I know logically that it can’t really be my teeth…it’s gotta be the gums or something…but MAN – my teeth tickle. It’s not all the time. It’s at the very end of each breath – both in and out. The deeper the breath, the more intense the tickle. And it’s not all of my teeth. Just the 4 on the bottom.

What does this mean? I’m guessing one of two things: I should probably go to the dentist (not entirely untrue), or I’m getting sick (also pretty sure that’s not entirely untrue).

This is also not the first time it’s happened. I remember many times when I was growing up that my teeth tickled. Did I ever mention it to anyone? Nope. Do I remember what caused it? Nope. Do I remember how long it usually lasts? Nope. I just hope it goes away soon…