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My Teeth Tickle

Sounds like something I’d have to decipher from my kids, right? Ya. No. One guess for who said it. Ya. That’d be me. But seriously – my teeth tickle.

I know logically that it can’t really be my teeth…it’s gotta be the gums or something…but MAN – my teeth tickle. It’s not all the time. It’s at the very end of each breath – both in and out. The deeper the breath, the more intense the tickle. And it’s not all of my teeth. Just the 4 on the bottom.

What does this mean? I’m guessing one of two things: I should probably go to the dentist (not entirely untrue), or I’m getting sick (also pretty sure that’s not entirely untrue).

This is also not the first time it’s happened. I remember many times when I was growing up that my teeth tickled. Did I ever mention it to anyone? Nope. Do I remember what caused it? Nope. Do I remember how long it usually lasts? Nope. I just hope it goes away soon…

92 Responses

  1. Like tickle as in they are sensitive? Is there any pain? I get sensitive teeth once in ahwile with warm foods, but I wouldn’t call it a tickle necessarily. My teeth are tingling just thinking about it. 🙂 If it’s not a pleasant feeling, I hope it goes away quickly!

  2. Aarrgghh! I have this problem too, ever since I chipped one of my bottom teeth. It drives me crazy.

    If you find a cure, pass it on.

  3. OMG 🙂 I know what that is and your going to laugh just like my docter does when I tell him…but if you see the dentist you are going to the wrong DR. I have this often…it is a funny little tickle and only with the out breath right? You are probably having or had a cold, congestion, cough or getting one..it comes with asthma type symptoms when your just not quite breathing right. I swear. You might think I am nuts…but this always happens to me when I get something that ultimately settles in my chest.

  4. i have that right now and its really annnoying!!! its like there is a massive chunk of food stuck inbetween your teeth. man! and mine isnt when i breath out it constant!! its the bottom 2 teeth!!

  5. I have the same thing, seems to be worse if I’m tired, but it always happens about 1 wk. before I get a cold which turns into a cough and that kind of flu/cold lasts for a mo. or more. The tickle will continue to be there thru out. My grown son gets this too, same way. So what is this trying to tell us? I have alot of sinus congestion/allergy which has helped by using a nettie pot every day, taking Zrytec D and Veramist spray. I’m hoping at some point I can go homeopathic and stop the Zyrtec and Veramist.

  6. this sensation happens to me aswell – tingling lower teeth which kind of comes in waves and feels like it’s emanating into my chin, definatly occurs with deep breaths but when its there it seems to be all i can think of… hence my finding this site while searching for a CURE. I don’t think it’s any kind of dental problem – my dentist said I have really healthy teeth and gums. I think it’s either nerve-related or possibly sinuses. I’ve never seen a good answer to this – I’ve searched and it seems like a few people get it but nobody knows why. The assumption seems to be it’s a tooth problem but I am 99.99% certain it’s not, it’s just that the sensation happens to manifest itself in the lower front teeth… i remember its first accurence as a child when i had pneumonia, (mild case… simple shot in the behind and i was better in no time ) maybe one or two more times after that but a couple years back while at the dentist an “absess” was seen on an x-ray and they cut into my chin within a week, they cut the nerves to my bottom teeth between k9s during this sergury so i have no feeling in those teeth whatsoever, or i havent started to feel things yet as i was told i may get feeling back… well anyway, since then i havent had the feeling, but i didnt get much sleep last night and when i woke up all lethargic i realized that when i breathed in deep the sensation was back! and it seems its worse then ever before… ive been wedging my fingernails between my teeth which i really cant feel but somehow it seems to exasurbate the tickling… it usually has been accuring at the onset of a chest illness of anykind in the past so i know they are related somehow but honestly i just want it to go away, ive gotten to the point of using orajel and even that doesnt seem to work well… anyway i really wish if anyone finds out what this really is we can find a way to stop it!

  7. moderator, please delete first one, i would like to know if or when someone replies but forgot to check the box

  8. Do ANY OF YOU KNOW WHATS HAPPENING? my teeth tickle and it happens constantly not only when i breath in and out

  9. oh my goodness…it’s driving me nuts…it IS the bottom 2 to 4 teeth!! what in the world

  10. I get this too. I think it is related to a cold b/c I used to get it when I was little and I was sick. It’s just coming back now. It’s really irritating. But yea right now I’m sick I’ve been sick the past few days and been coughing all day today. Don’t know why it happens but I think it’s related to being sick.

  11. I’ve had this many times. Never went to a doctor cuz I know its nothing serious.

    I have it pin pointed, the cause for me is tired throat. Whenever I run too much, or become so tired in physical activities that my throat hurts from fast breathing. After a few hours, I will have this tingling in my bottom 2-4 teeth. I also have some sensation in my throat, that faintly travels upward ending up in my bottom gums.

    Other times when I got the same tingling bottom teeth are when I am free falling either in a roller coaster or those springy rides that goes up and down, basically zero G. (I also get this sensation in my testicles at the same time with my teeth) Also got it one time when I was sick with sore throat.

  12. I was doing a search to find the reason that my teeth are tickling and came across this site. As it happens, I actually have pneumonia right now but didn’t think they were related. Just wanted to confirm for anyone else that finds this that there does seem to be a relationship between congestion and the “tooth tickle”. Hopefully it’ll go away soon for all of you!

  13. I have the SAME thing right now! I have never had this sensation before, but I honestly have been telling people that my TEETH ITCH…I sound INSANE! I too have a cold…mostly a cough and chest cold, nothing in my nose or anything. Can a COLD REALLY make your teeth itch…who ever heard of suck a thing. HELP…want to rip my 2 bottom teeth out!

  14. I have the same thing right now!
    The most common thing I’ve read
    is that this waving tickle sensation in
    my bottom front teeth, is a sign that
    I’m going to get sick? I want to know if this is true?

  15. This is funny and comforting, reading these posts. I am terrified of the dentist and every time I have a sensation in my teeth I become afraid. I have a cold w a terrible cough and am up at 3 47 am with tickling bottom front teeth that are keeping me awake. I thought I was having some dental problem until I read all your posts. Took some Advil to see if it “numbs” the nerves.

  16. I am SO glad I found this! This started last night for me and has not gone away :-/. I don’t have a cold or congestion. I am going to try Advil and hope it goes away soon!

  17. I wanted to add. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. I have been having a few signs but am still waiting until I can test. I wonder if this could be an early sign?

  18. I’m having it now too…i think it happens when or before you’re sick, when you get cold,cough. Try poking your lower front gum with your fingernails. It tickles more

  19. I have the same sensation on occation, as well as when I run. They get cold & hurt. If you google the same symptoms from running, you’ll mostly find simlar reactions. “teeth rot, go to the dentist”. But a few have suggested it has more to do with blood flow, oxygen levels, & Co2 levels / movement. Specifically, vasodilation occuring in the teeth. (google this & you’ll have a plethora of medical journals… That of which I don’t feel to try and read via an iPhone).

    However, I can see how there might be a link between myself running (as
    an asthmatic), and others having a pulmonary illness. Perhaps it’s a starting point for when you do make it to a dr… Or dentist as it may be.

  20. wow i thought i was the only one!
    i have this now and it always seems to happen when i get sick. (though i haven’t gotten sick this time, yet.) i tried explaining it to the doctor once but he looked at me like i was insane.

  21. i am currently sick.
    cough, chest infection, sore throat, swollen throat or something like that, whatever.

    i, now that i recall, have this ticklish sensation since the onset of my sickness.
    it kinda makes the teeth seem weak and fragile.

    but i kinda like this ticklish feeling and i’m glad that it’s not a sign of weak teeth.
    which means, no need for a dentist appointment!
    cuz i cant trust dentists anymore!, it’s not that they scare me but the one i went to didn’t do a very good job. My teeth were like awesome, no pain, no problem.
    i went for a check-up and they identified 4 root canals!
    i did like 2 of them and now wen i drink something too hot or too cold especially wen my sinuses fill up, only those teeth hurt.
    well… they are supposed to make pain go away not introduce it!

    and fyi, this dentist was the assistant of the best dentist in the state!
    so wat wud u expect from something that is supposed to be the best?

    well she was hot so i went for it.
    and i sure learnt my lesson

    not worth it at all

  22. Well I have it every few month but I never get sick…I actually think that my 2 bottom teeth are to cloth together…otherwise I don´t know why they tickle!
    its crazy! it tickles for a few days and you cannot concentrate on a lot of other things than your teeth!
    But I can sleep well at least!

    Well, I really would like to know what it really is!!!!!????

  23. I am so glad I came across this googling the teeth tickling sensation, as someone else posted I am too terrified of the dentist and am glad this may not be a dental problem.

  24. I get this problem too, sometimes once por twice a month

    i’ve got it right now. Im asthmatic and have noticed since my chest feels abit tight over past few days this is when i’v had the tingling/tickle sensation in my bottom 4 teeth.

    I had to google it today to see if there was a link between the two.. but theres no definate answer.

  25. I have the same thing except my lower left hand side tooth is tickling to the point i actually thought i had a chest infection and it was my chest not my tooth but then i realised it was like i had apple skin stuck between the teeth the difference with everyone here is it happens mainly when im having a cigerette then eventually goes away…..although i am a bit more chesty then normal atm

  26. OMG, I am not the only one. I also have the same feeling on my bottom 2 teeth/gums. I did the search on other websites as well and I think there is a correlation between congestion/breeding problem and this tickling sensation. I am currently suffering from Bronchitis (similar to Asthma) and have had cough/breathing problem for last 4 weeks. I got this tickling sensation in the bottom 2 teeth and gums since last 2 weeks.
    bye the way I also took a antibiotic in that period and found that some people could correlate this to use of antibiotic as well.
    So I hope as soon as I start breathing normally again and get over this asthmatic feeling, this tickling sensation should go away. can anybody please confirm?

  27. Omg lol I’m 13 and it always used to happen to me when I was little it happened today for the first time in like 5 years, if you find out how to fix it let me know.

  28. I get the bottom teeth tingling and chest tightness every year now. It happens at the end of Aug./beginning of Sep. every year since 2005. I always get the teeth tingling at the same time as the chest tightness. One doctor diagnosed it as asthma, but then my allergist said it was not asthma because I do not have problems breathing in. I have no idea what it is, but I think it is triggered by an allergy since it happens around the same time each year.

  29. I can finally say the internet is a waste of space,time,effort and whatever other things you can name. I mean seriously? i can find the most craziest and unimaginable things on the internet like porn that involve a dog and a older woman but the internet can’t provide a simple solution to what the fk is the cure to the teeth tingling of the 2 bottom chopper teeth? seriously? What frustrates me is people are trying to figure out what is causing it…i am not interested in what causes it just give me the dam cure so i that i won’t go insane by this god forsaken tingling feeling.

  30. My teeth are doing the same thing right now! Its so annoying. It mostly occurs after a run/jog its so frustrating because is discourages me from running. Seriously need help!!!

  31. Ha, I can’t believe other people get this, its hard to describe these symptoms on Google so I’m chuffed I found this site.
    But for me its a constant tingling around my bottom 2 teeth and the gums surrounding. I keep getting the urge to chew on something like my hoody sleeve or douvet. I also get the urge to put something inbetween the 2 bottom teeth.
    I’ve seen several people on here say its a symptom of an on coming cold, which makes sense now that I look back on all the other times I’ve had this extremely irritating tingling sensation. That and the fact I’m the only person in my household not to have had a cold yet this year, its only a matter of time before I get the damn thing.

  32. I get it too, from the back of my throat to my lower jaw and 4 bottom teeth. I used to get it more frequently when I ran cross country. I feel it most when I breathe out. Hope to find out the cause

  33. lol this is amazing it tickles and i was worried about it but i kind of like the feeling xD it feels good i want it more often now lol its been doing it for like an hour or two and it’ll stop and start again 😀 have fun people i know i am.(:

  34. UUUUGHH. It’s annoying me! I don’t like this sensations At All. I’ve randomly been getting this for Years. But I don’t recall ever getting sick after it.. I don’t remember. It hasn’t happened for a while. I really hope I don’t get ill. .__.

  35. I have the same thing going on right now. I’ve never had it before and it’s driving me crazy! It feels like when your foot falls asleep but not when it’s tingling, but when it has that dull feeling and you can’t even put weight on it because it feels so weird. Cedar season is starting here and people mentioned allergies but I’m not allergic. *knock on wood*

  36. OMG i need help i ate cheetos with coke and know my teeth are like inching is like a preasure but it inches like crazy please help first time t happens to me

  37. I started getting this “tickle” as well a day ago. I have been researching it and there seems to be no one cause though I think it’s mostly nerve related. The possible causes I have heard of are: broken or fractured teeth (I think that’s my problem), gum disease, illness(usually sinus related), pinched nerve, damage or a bump to the side of your face, or teeth moving or under pressure

  38. i am having same thing as you described. and i don’t know what to do, at first i thought there is something in my teeth so broshed 10 times but still samething it is making me so difficult to breath and talk.

  39. Gosh i have it idk its between gums and two teeth…
    its past 1 day now

  40. I seem to rememeber having this annopying feeling in the past, never found out what it is. I do not rememeber getting a cold afterwards though. I am going to try an antihistamine and see what happens. I am glad to hear I am not the only one feeling this strange symptom.

  41. I had this happen to me today. I get it at least three times a year and I have had this problem since i was 7. I’m really glad i found this post. I guess i’ll have to see if i get a cold because i haven’t had one recently and i’ve never really paid attention.

  42. I will add though that I have noticed a bit of flem in my throat.

  43. I’m not going to get sick nor am I sick I had went to the doctor this morning and she said I wasn’t going to get sick anytime soon and I have the same problem.

  44. Im having the same with a sore throat 😦 I’m scared to death I just came out the hospital clean no lung cancer aids nothing an I feel dizzie teeth tickle blurry vision an chest pain 😦

  45. FINALLY someone else who has noticed this! I thought I was just weird. I have asthma and everytime I get sick and my asthma flares, this happens. Mainly my bottom front teeth.

  46. i have had this constant tickle and tight feeling in my bottom fromt teeth for two weeks been to the dentist and said everything was fine apart from a bit of gum inflation but to day i have woke up with a sore throat and cold so maybe the two are connected.

  47. I have a masters degree in Biological Sciences, and a minor in Physical Health. I have heard quite an extensive amount of stories about these symptoms… The tickling sensation, is due to a current or previous cold like symptom, side effects such as congestion and breathing problems are common. It really is just how your breathing rate is, sometimes it can occur after a jog or sprinting. Or could occur simply while watching a movie. Sleeping patterns are also a huge factor… staying up all night and sleeping in all day is not going to make your breathing patterns any better, if anything, it may it worse. Get a good nights sleep, a minimum of 8 hours. Your sleep is more important then your job and school. Go to bed at 10, wake up at 6 of you want. Some other side effects could be headaches, coughing, and sore throat.

  48. This post has been so validating. I, too, have had this problem since childhood. I think I said something to someone at sometime when I was little and told it was nothing and have never brought it up since. It is the weirdest feeling and I was trying to google it but it’s not quite an itch, it’s not really painful – I skimmed over an entry that said “tickle” and knew I finally found someone (let alone a bunch of people) that have this same problem!
    Mine symptoms only occur maybe a few times a year and sometimes only for a day but I’ve had it going on now for a week and it’s driving me bonkers. It seems like the only conclusive correlation people have is with an impending cold? I’m going to go hit the Vitamin C…

  49. It is very interesting that this tingling chin/lower teeth symptom can be replicated when free falling and even when as a child on a see saw lol, its is def chest related for me as whenever Im unwell it will manifest itselfs quick smart. Im dumbfounded that no one knows what is really going on/

  50. I have this feeling right now as I am typing. I have to run my tongue over the back of my teeth constantly. Its not a unpleasant feeling but it is very annoying when its the only thing you can focus on. I have had to seek medical advice & I got no luck with that. I have had this re-occurring over the past three years. My immune system is not the best anyway and I do tent to become sick a lot more than other people but I personally don’t think it is anyway near related to ‘becoming sick’. I think it may be a condition that related to tiredness/diabetes. My sugar levels are always high and I always feel lethargic. My blood tests are clear. But I personally think this could be the closest thing related. Or if this is not the case..
    Then yours/my teeth are seriously rotting on the inside of our gums which is impossible for anyone to see.

  51. omg, and I thought I was the only one!! 😀 😀 Well, I haven’t read all the comments above, but I would like to share what I usually do when this happens to me. It’s kind of sick, but try using a toothpick and scratch the gum below the 2 bottom teeth which have this sensation. I’m sure, you feel immense pleasure, and trust me its better then sex! 😀

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  57. Oh my goodness, I’m not alone in this haha. It’s happened to me during childhood alot. I’ll breathe in or out, and my bottom teeth tickle and sometimes it moves to my chin. Sometimes it pulsates. Heck, it’s doing it now and I finally got curious enough to google it. Unfortunately, I know it’s because I’m about to get sick.

  58. I think I found a solution:

    During the day, constantly sip hot chocolate or hot coffee to temporarily relieve the sensation. I find it’s less noticeable when your preoccupied with something else, so spend a lot of time working with your hands or playing video games.

    Before bed, take a square of toilet paper and roll it into a tube and fold it in half. Rub some Neosporin on it and wedge it between my lower row of teeth and bottom lip, with the cream facing the gums. It adds a bit of pressure on the gums, which also helps. Also put some lip balm or Vaseline on your lips to keep them from drying out. After 2 days of this, the intensity of the tingly feeling was significantly reduced. (WARNING: Sleeping with something in your mouth can be dangerous, so be sure it’s in there tight).

    Let me know if you have any success with this method.

  59. I have had this off an on since I was little. It’s annoying!! I actually have it right now and I don’t feel sick or tired at all. I’ve kinda wondered if it was the barometric pressure or weather related?

  60. I have bronchitis, When I breathe in at the end of my inhale and at the very end of my exhale (deep breathes) I too feel a tingly sensation in my bottom front teeth(the 4 between k9’s). Its gotten a little worse as my bronchitis has gotten worse, and now it seems to happen with small breaths too. They have always been sensitive to cold foods, but that is unrelated.( i think). I have never had this feeling before i got bronchitis. Im not entirely certain on the medical science behind this, but I conclude that these tingly teeth are directly associated with my bronchitis. and from reading many comments, i would say it is caused by respiratory issues to speak generally. (i have also read asthma can cause this). sometimes this feeling can come from gum disease, well i have an A+ report card from the dentist, so i know that isn’t the case here. I was hoping i could find some answers on here but it seems no one has a definite answer. So I will just share what I have found and hopefully some doctor will come along and help us all out haha.

  61. This has been happening to me for the last two days. Did you get any resolution or figure out what this is from?

  62. Here’s my problem I’m hoping to find out about so a few days ago I went swimming and was holding my breath for a really long time (trying to swim across pool) and now whenever I take a deep breath in my four bottom teeth tickle and it’s really annoying if anyone finds out what it is pls tell me

  63. my teeth tickle that i cant eat at all i am 9 years old and i did not read it but im posting this be cos i want answers im going in forth grad my school is george hildebran

  64. I have the same thing happening to me right now! When I started reading I was like boo not the same but then I saw you mention whenever taking deep breaths. With me it tickles from under need my jaw up my chin then I feel it in the back of my two bottom teeth. What the hell is this??

  65. For some reason it happens when I chew on a button, a shirt button, but scrape it on the back of my bottom teeth, then it would happen, or sometimes random

  66. I have been trying to explain this feeling to people since I was a kid, and no-one knew what I was talking about! Finally, so glad to see there are so many who share this.

    I wouldn’t describe it as a tickle though- its more like a sinking feeling that originates from my chest, rises up the throat and sits in my lower teeth, as I exhale. since childhood I have experienced it during and before chest congestion, even long after its gone.

    I have it right now – very strong. but I have no congestion or phlegm. As someone above pointed out – want to rip my two teeth out! Don’t know what to do about it!

  67. I’ve been experiencing the same day for a week now, I think I chipped a teeth. I thought nothing of it but after reading this I’m actually really worried. I wish I had the courage to go to the dentist…

  68. This is irritating but funny! Started yesterday.I got cold about 2 week and by seeing the comments down i can say yes it’s because of the cold and i also get this tickle when i need to go for *can’t take it any longer* pee😐 I guess I’m not the only one?

  69. Omgee..I get this like every year and it SUCKS! Never connected it with getting sick but I did just get 2 new guinea pigs and I am really congested and allergic. I get used to them after a while but I thought this feeling was in my head or something. I hope I’m not going to get a cold because I have a dance next week! I will try warm liquids.. Like tea or something to see if it helps 🙂

  70. I have had this problem for a long time and I always just thought that I was weird! I am so happy I’m not the only one! My generally itch after running or doing something that affects my breathing so I always thought it was due to the oxygen intake and breathing in general, from what I’ve read here, I think I might have been right! My teeth have been itching all day today and I think I’ve found something that helps! I drank my normal cold season tea and it made the itching so much less noticeable! The kind I drink is traditional medicinals Throat Coat, but I think that any tea meant to help with respiratory problems, or that has slippery elm bark (ulmus rubra) could help since it’s meant to help with breathing. It’s also really good to drink if you have a cold, or just during cold season. I hope this helps someone else!

  71. My bottom four teeth tickle too!! I remember crying in 1st grade the first time it happened. If I’m shot with silly string or something tickles my face/neck I get the sensation. I hate it. My dentist has never heard of it. :/

  72. My teeth itch when my asthma is about to flare but isn’t connected to my breathing in and out its just there. It’s only my bottom teeth at the front aswell

  73. I stumbled across this post because I was literally sitting up googling “tingle in four bottom teeth and sore throat” only to come and find out that, it’ll only happen when I’m sick. I thought something was seriously wrong but this tingle in my teeth is a familiar feeling. I guess we’re just all alike and different from others lol. Glad to know I shouldn’t really worry and pay it no mind since I’ve actually had the feeling before and I’m not the only one who gets this feeling when I get sick. I hope you all feel better!

  74. Acid Reflux and Heartburn, try Prevacid and see if it goes away.

  75. Omg it happens when i breathe in and out AND when i talk. I really want to stop this i usually press my tounge on my bottom teeth but… It doesnt help… I hope it stops for everyone its just so annoying i keep telling my parents and they dont know what to do.

  76. omg !
    I am having the same problem , trying to comfort myself by rubbing tongue on the back of my lower teeth , it is annoying , I am trying to take warm hot liquids , not helping though

  77. People. IT’S AN INFECTION !!! ! my strong belief and I am a doctor – I just don’t know which bacteria is to blame but I believe I know the feeling and thank ‘upper sphere’ you have it ’cause it’s like a symptomatic infection ‘aura’ – it alarms you you have a certain ‘someone’ in your mouth .. . Also, if it starts after being with a certain person – avoide them. .. it is just my opiniion and experience, I have no citation for it.. . Best of luck- — ni pena ni miedo

  78. Ive had the exact same thing..EXACTLY!

  79. I had this when I was younger a lot… Then I got it the other day and I said “I wonder if it’s going to rain” and sure enough it rained that night and the next day. I always thought it was related to Barometric Pressure. When it happens again check your local Barometric Pressure.

  80. It’s really comforting to hear that others experience the mysterious tooth ‘tickling’. I am mildly asthmatic and grew up figure skating. When my asthma was about to come on I would get this kind of tickling in my bottom two front teeth (like a mild tooth sensitivity) and a tightness in my upper chest. The irritation would subside shortly after I caught my breath.

    I’m now an adult and recently had my second and more severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic called Macrobid, causing tight chest, shortness of breath AND tingly bottom teeth. My doctor confirmed that Macrobid is known to cause respiratory reactions in some people and I’m one of those people.

    I’m convinced that my own tooth tingling/tickling is related to my respiratory track (whether caused by physical exertion, allergic reaction or getting a cold effecting the respiratory track). It seems that many in this forum have drawn the same conclusion.

  81. This is exactly what I am feeling… Paired with a mild heavy sensation in my chest. Any idea what caused yours?

  82. Same here Quinn, with the heavy sensation. It’s so bizarre. I have the slightest nagging cough, and my bottom front teeth just ache. Years of comments, and no real answer…Oh, well, at least we know it must not be serious, that’s comforting.

  83. I’m experiencing that same thing right now!

  84. This is actually the first time I had this tickling. I was just abdomen breathing exercises and suddenly this happened. Maybe it’s something related to breathing/asthma…

  85. This is an old post but I need to know the cause of this. I just had bronchitis for a month, and on my last day of antibiotics (I was on then for 20 days), I suddenly began having pretty intense pain in my front bottom teeth, same. Mostly the two in the middle but sometimes all 4.

    I’m over the bronchitis, but breathing in or out (even through my nose) causes waves of pain through these teeth. The only time the pain lets up is in the middle of the night when I’m breathing very shallow.

    It’d weird, the more air I breathe in, the worse the pain. What is this?? Please contact me!!!!

  86. What’s the called exactly? Because I’ve had it before & currently have it right now. I’ve always felt it more by my gums next to the bottom 4 teeth.

  87. That happens to me too! Exact same way you described it. It usually happens to me when I’m sick though

  88. Anyone found a cure yet? I’m gonna yank my bottom 4 teeth out soon!

  89. So many with symptoms but no answers????

    I would say it is 90% chest related and in the same way as acupuncture can deliver sensations simultaneously to different parts of the body through nerve channels, I believe there is a very mature nerve that resides just in that middle chin area and spreads out throughout the entire chest and esophagus.

    Very interesting to note that it can also be a precursor of a chest infection. I always found mine to come on at the same time.

    I’m so surprised to see the real lack of information and guesswork required. Surely there is a journal article about this symptom??

  90. Not a cure, but I just tried this and it seemed to work. I was going nuts and tried a combination of Mouthwash,Cherry Sore Throat Spray, and Whiskey (just leaving a small amount of each between my lower teeth and lip). Each one numbed the area for a brief time and the tingling went away, but only for the 1st try. But I kept at it, alternating between each fluid, every time I got a “spike” of tingling. I did this for 3 days. Now it’s virtually gone!!!! I don’t know which one is the cure but one or more of them did the trick!!!!!

  91. Wow. So it does exist in other people too. I thought I was going insane. When I was a kid, I would start getting this feeling right before pneumonia, chest infection or an asthama attack. Reading your guys comments seems to validate that it really is a chest/breathing issue. It’s a weird kind of tickle that is hard to explain. I am having it right now and I fear I might be getting a chest infection soon.

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