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Makes My Monday: Vacation Bible School Bliss

Burke and Maggie started Vacation Bible School this week. This is their second year doing it, but Burke was still a bit apprehensive about things and wasn’t sure he wanted to go. (Logan volunteered to take his place LOL! –ooh, side note about Logan below–)

I reminded him about how much fun he’d had last year and showed him a picture that was taken (still on our fridge LOL!), and he finally got into it. *phew*

Remember how I’d just switched churches last year? And I had gotten the stink eye from some of the members of our former church? I also didn’t know very many people, so I didn’t really feel as though I belonged (which is stupid, I have just as much of a right to be there as anyone else…it’s open to the entire community.) Anyway…this year is SO.MUCH.DIFFERENT! The same person who was unfriendly last year was welcoming (even remembered my name!) and helpful this year. And I’ve gotten to know so many more people in the community that I was saying “Hi!” to people left and right and people were waving at me…I’m absolutely giddy that we’re home.

And to top it all off, Burke and Maggie had a blast and both of them can’t wait to go again tomorrow.

My entire Monday is Made.

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Head on over to see what else makes people’s Mondays (there are always some really good ones!)


Side note about Logan: Logan attended Sunday School for the first time yesterday! When the children’s time arrived and the kids go to the front of the church, Maggie bolted (typical), Burke revolted (also typical), and Logan tried going up (not as typical). I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with him going up right now…did he want to go play in the nursery? Na. Did he want to go to Sunday School? YEAH!!! So I told him we’d ask. Since it’s the summer, the class is 3 year olds through Kindergarten, so he’d be in Maggie’s class (Burke still isn’t going down…)

So I took all 3 kids down and told the teacher that Logan was going to be 3 in September, but that he was asking to go to Sunday School…so would it be all right if he came..? She said “SURE!” Logan plopped right down in the circle (while Burke clung to my legs) and proudly proclaimed his name when it came around to his turn. When I left to go back to the service, Logan was just fine. (Burke came back up with me.) Burke claims that he’ll try to stay down there next time…he was surprised (and I think a little envious) when Logan came out with the project they’d done LOL!

Something’s Gotta Give

It’s official. I do too much and it’s starting to feel like plates are crashing down on my head.Β  Sure…some of it is (hopefully) just a one time thing – like last night’s Fishful Thinking presentation at Burke and Maggie’s school. But some of it – like teaching Sunday School – isn’t. I need to start prioritizing and I need to learn how to say “no, I just can’t do it.”

Obviously, my job isn’t negotiable. And frankly, I actually enjoy doing it – when I have the motivation πŸ˜‰

My blog is non-negotiable as well. It’s my one outlet to get thoughts down to help work through things…and the only place that I journal about the kids!

My second job is so tiny and infrequent that I think it’s okay to keep that one going. It can get stressful when my boss says “Hey, can you look this over and have it edited by noon tomorrow?” …but he doesn’t do that too often.

I *LOVE* being a part of my twins club, so I highly doubt that will be dropped at any point in the near future. The membership position looks like it might be shifting slightly due to our move from Yahoo Groups to BigTent, so that may lighten that load anyway. (Plus, I’ll be changing positions next year. More about that one later though.) I haven’t been able to go to many of the recent COPE meetings for the club – and I really miss those. It’s fun to go out and chat with other ladies who totally get what you’re going through. Or to give some advice here and there since I’ve already been through a lot of it… The General meetings/Board meetings have stopped being monthly, so there are only 4 months out of the year where I feel like I have at least one thing going on each week.

The Fishful Thinking stuff isn’t really all THAT time-consuming. Since I had the presentation last night, it was consuming things for the past week, but that’s pretty unusual. Plus, I *REALLY* like the message that Fishful Thinking brings to the table. I do most of that “sharing” online, or while waiting for Burke and/or Maggie, so it’s time that would have been “wasted” anyway. πŸ™‚

Sunday School? *sigh.* It terrifies me. πŸ˜› I’m not a teacher. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I said “sure! I’ll help out!” when Pastor L. asked…I think I was thinking “I’m new…might be a good way to meet more people.” And … it has been. But it still terrifies me. Those poor kids are learning about the bible from ME?? Yikes. At least they’re only 4 and most of what we’re doing is coloring pictures to go along with the stories. . .One of the teachers has already backed out (with good reason), so that leaves only 3 of us (we rotate months of being teacher/helper/off). I’ll fulfill my obligation, but I really don’t think I’ll sign up for it again next year. I AM afraid it might be one of those “hey, we’ve already gotcha” things, and it’ll be tough to get out of next year though.

I also committed to a women’s circle at church. It’s just starting up, so I thought perhaps it would be another good way to meet more ladies around town without feeling like I’m crashing an established “club”. They meet monthly – and on a weekend! – so I think that’ll be pretty good. We’ve had one meeting so far and it’s a fun bunch.

I did just say “I just can’t do it” to another women’s group at church…it’s one that meets in the middle of the week and my heart sped up just thinking about trying to attend it each month. I felt terrible saying “no” … and it was hard!! But I did it.

It’s a start…and I KNOW I have a hard time saying “no, thanks” when people ask me to do things…and apparently, knowing is half the battle πŸ˜‰