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Progress Reports

The twins got their very first progress reports from preschool yesterday. I have to say that I’m not that surprised by the results.

Well, let’s preface that with: when I opened them up and saw all “Gs” on Burke’s, my first thought was “uhmm….lower than an F?” heh Apparently G means “Good Progress” while W means “Working on Skill.”

Burke even got a G+ *grin* (Proud mommy here!) But that didn’t surprise me either because it was in the Using Crayons category.

If you missed his coloring in a previous post, here is a sample from December:


I was also not surprised by 2 of the W’s in Maggie’s. Categories: I communicate in sentences, and I can use language to express my wants and needs. Yep – we knew this. Remember that whole “Does Maggie ever talk?” thing? She’s better, but she still grunts at Mrs. Teachers when she wants things. (She does this to us as well, but we’re doing our best to ignore her until she uses the words we know she has…) The one that surprised me with Maggie was the W in the category I can count Jan (1 – 5) …I’m pretty sure she CAN…but then I figured that this might go hand-in-hand with the OTHER two she’s currently working on … hard to count for Mrs. Teacher when you won’t talk to her 😛

So…all in all, I’m not too worried and I’m not too surprised.

Logan’s progress is good and bad. His breathing is sooooooo much better now. And he’s back to a happy kid. Except that he threw up all over Mike and the car and things yesterday afternoon. Looked better toward the evening, but then was up for about 45 minutes around 1am throwing up in bed. (I had to change the sheets and his outfit twice!) He’s looking better this morning…hope it stays that way.