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Pre-School, Year 2 – Part 2

So the very resourceful What a Card called our pre-school and asked what the heck was going on with all the different classes and recommendations. (She’s so smart!) And thank goodness she did, because it was a snow day today, no school tomorrow, and early registration is FRIDAY.

Here’s the skinny: They recommended kids to the different rooms based on their age (“old” 4’s vs. “young” 4’s).  The class recommended for Burke and Maggie apparently has a more challenging pace, and is more focused on kids who are starting kindergarten the next year.

Okay. Pretty sure that means we’re sold. Now we just need to figure out how to afford it and get the kids there!

Pre-School, Year 2

The twins are in pre-school right now, and we’ve just received the pre-registration for next year. (Seriously? I have no idea what we’re doing next month let alone next year 😛 )

And of course, there’s a dilemma. (when is there not? 😉 )

They recommend a T,W,TH class.  Right now the kids are in school M,W,F – which works for us because Mike’s with them on Mondays and I work from home on W,F which means I can shuttle them around then. (Are you sensing the problem now? 🙂 )

How on earth do families with both parents working full-time get their kids to and from school??

They do offer a class that is age-appropriate M,W,F – but it’s fewer hours (bonus: also less $$)…I’m also guessing that most of their class this year will be going to this recommended session. What I need to find out is if this session is recommended because they’ve been at the school for a year, or for some other reason…and if there’s any reason they shouldn’t be in the other session.

I *might* be able to swing something with work to make it so that they can do the recommended session, but I’m not sure. It would also mean requesting different hours for my nanny when the fall comes around.

What would you do? Do I do everything I can to ensure that my kids get the most out of school? Do a few hours less make THAT much of a difference? Is it a huge thing to be in a classroom with kids you’re used to at this age? Is it a huge thing to be in a classroom full of kids who may not have had any pre-school experience before?

Too many decisions!

No Tears!

At least…not that I saw before I left the kids at their FIRST DAY OF PRE-SCHOOL! Not even any from mommy. I’m sure it has nothing to do with me being totally emotion-less, and more to do with me having to leave them with the nanny while going to work. I have to admit, it DID seem different, but it was all good 🙂

Maggie walked in, put her backpack in the spot marked “Maggie,” walked over to the table and started coloring. Burke was a bit more apprehensive and stayed by my side while I was talking with their teacher about their extra clothes and snacks and stuff.  And he wanted to check his backpack to be sure that his snack pack was there. I walked him over to the table, he sat down next to Maggie, saw that it was a school bus they were coloring and perked right up. I kissed ’em both on the head and got the hell outta Dodge before they could realize what happened. 😉

We’ll see what happens when I go pick them up in a few hours.

Oh, and when I got home, Logan was happily playing with ALL of the toys.

First Day of Pre-School

First Day of Pre-School

So Exciting

So Exciting





Pre-School: What a Card – she doesn’t stand a chance with the president, VP, and membership chair there. . . we’ll have her signed up in no time! LOL And I can totally see how the director would confuse us *roll eyes here* Oh, Cheryl, it’s so good to know that I’m not the only one who photographs the magnadoodles too! Debi – You’re RIGHT! I knew that picture Burke drew reminded me of something…


There was an open house for the twin’s pre-school yesterday. The whole fam-damily attended 🙂 Mike hadn’t seen the school before, so it was neat that he was able to go too.

When we got there, the yellow room (the one they’ll be in) was pure pandemonium. The room is used for one class M-W-F and another T-TH, so there were students from both there – along with at least one parent, and quite often a sibling or two. They attempted to split the 2 hour open house into two parts; first half of the alphabet goes the first hour, second half goes the second hour. I’m not sure if that really happened, but I’m sure sort of helped. Needless to say, a wee bit overwhelming. Both Burke and Maggie hung close for a while. Maggie ventured out first (surprise, surprise), and Burke warmed up and played after a bit. The teachers were super nice and it was really good to see that a few former students came in just to say “hi.”

We wandered around the building for a little bit so Mike could see the library, the gym, and the playground. I went up to reception to pay for the month and when I got back to the yellow room the director told me that the rest of my family had gone to visit the blue room. heh okay. She wanted me to meet her daughter-in-law though. She has twins who are in the T-Th session…but the poor woman doesn’t belong to a twin club! I’m not sure if the director knew about my tendencies to “twin stalk” since I’m our membership chair, but I think that may have been what she had in mind. We’ll see if it worked 😉

I went over to the blue room and the only ones in there (besides the two teachers trying to clean up) were my family. LOL No wonder they went over there. Nice and calm. All three kids were playing with the kitchen and didn’t want to go. I suppose I take this as a good sign. 🙂

This morning when Burke woke up, this was the first thing he said to me:
Burke: In the car.
Me: Where do you want to go?
Burke: Blue room.

LOL! He settled for going to the yellow room tomorrow.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Mike told me that Penzey’s isn’t really his secret to good food from the grill. His TRUE secret is to take the food OFF when it’s done. Funny man.

Burke Picture

Burke's Face Picture

Maggie Bunny

Maggie's Bunny Picture

I Was Carded: What a Card – do you have three sisters and a brother too? Too funny…wonder what else we have in common 🙂

Good Food: Ooooh Apple Pie Spice! I’m going to have to try that one, Tanya! My mouth watered just reading about it.

Is it REALLY Green: Thank goodness, the twins are this > < close to being potty trained. (Except that Burke pee’d on the floor today.) But Gio, I still have Logan…so the diapers continue for a while. *sigh* MultipleTwinMommy, what do you use instead of a diaper pail? And are all 4 of yours still in diapers? Geez…I just can’t even imagine. You rock 🙂 LOL Jon, you’re probably right! I thought about cloth diapers – for about 2 seconds, Heather, but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around having to deal with poo other than wrapping it up and putting it away. Too funny about the kitty litter though! heh Ya, Laura, someone should do some research and figure out what really IS green and what does the most good vs. just doing lip service.