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Pre-School, Year 2 – Part 2

So the very resourceful What a Card called our pre-school and asked what the heck was going on with all the different classes and recommendations. (She’s so smart!) And thank goodness she did, because it was a snow day today, no school tomorrow, and early registration is FRIDAY.

Here’s the skinny: They recommended kids to the different rooms based on their age (“old” 4’s vs. “young” 4’s).  The class recommended for Burke and Maggie apparently has a more challenging pace, and is more focused on kids who are starting kindergarten the next year.

Okay. Pretty sure that means we’re sold. Now we just need to figure out how to afford it and get the kids there!

4 Responses

  1. Aha! Well, that makes sense, then! Good luck with the logistics.

  2. I think we’re going to throw our youngsters in that class, too. Pull down the average ability level a bit 🙂 I’ll ask Mrs. Teachers what they think, if there’s any reason why they think our boys would flounder in the faster paced class, but if not, we’re going for it!

    Seriously, the schedule of that room works so much better for us. I figured out that the extra cost is only about $10 more per extra extended day (or $20 a week, given that there are two extra extended days per week). That’s for both kids. $5 each for an extra hour at school isn’t unreasonable.

    Hee, that sounds good, until you add the cost back up and realize just how much extra money it comes out to over the course of the school year 🙂

  3. From experience — if that’s what you really want, the money will come from somewhere and you’ll work out the logistics too. Remember all of you at Otter Creek School. We couldn’t afford that, but somehow we did it. Wouldn’t have had you miss that experience for any reason at all.

  4. These school issues are always so difficult. I am sure the best will present itself and be made possible money wise.

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