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Blog Farts

Blog Fartsnoun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half a$$ed, post. see also: memes, surveys.

I saw Blog Fart Fridays over on another blog. I love the term, but a.) it’s not Friday, b.) I don’t think I could do it every Friday, and c.) there are too many other things going on each Friday…so I’ll just “borrow” the term and give credit 🙂


Why do I have to wake the kids up at 7:00 on the days we have to go to school, but every other day they wake up on their own at 6 or 6:30??


While going in to comfort Logan at 3:30 last night, the word “Gargamel!” screamed through my head. No idea why. And no, I don’t think my youngest is an evil man plotting to rid the world of Smurfs.


It’s incredibly hard to sing “The Goodnight Song” while hiccuping.


I really enjoy the “hoopla” of Mother’s Day – but when I really stop to think about it, I’m super spoiled because I’m treated to a “Mother’s Year” by my family.


I tried parking the stupid van in a tiny little spot at the Costco Garage last weekend…and finally just got out of the car to let Mike do it. Apparently, when Mike opened the door to let the kids out, he was mumbling something about how mommy had the car all kerfickled. (Pennsylvania-Dutch word??) Now Burke seems to think that I’m ‘carfickled’ (can’t park the car…)