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It Was Bound To Happen

Just under two weeks ago, I posted about Logan being dry his first overnight in undies.

He made it almost 2 weeks without a single accident!! This morning was the first time he woke up wet…and wonderful Mom that I am, I didn’t even notice at first.

With Burke, I made a habit of “checking” each morning to see if I needed to change the bed. Since Logan’s been so dry, I haven’t been checking. So when he wandered downstairs, I said “Good morning!” to him and continued to help Maggie get dressed while he played for a little bit.

He comes over for a big hug and I notice that his jammies are wet…
Me: “Logan, are your jammies wet?”
Logan: “It’s just from my bed.”

Uhm…okay. Pretty sure he didn’t even realize that he peed! LOL

It’s just from my bed


Want to see what a month’s worth of dry beds look like?


Behold: The Power of Stickers

A little while ago Goddess mentioned putting together a sticker chart to make bath time easier. I’d been hearing about sticker charts and other things to encourage kids to do stuff (or not do stuff) since before having kids – but reading it over there kicked my butt into gear to create one for Burke and Marjorie. For what, you ask? Trying to keep the bed dry over night.

Has it worked? Mostly. More to the side of “yes!” … but I still have to say mostly.

Here’s the thing about sticker charts…Mommy has to remember to put the stickers on! Well, I have to remember to have the kids put the stickers on. And, for the most part, the kids would remind me…but on mornings when we’re rushing around trying to get to school on time, the sticker chart slides. And guess what happens when Mommy slides? Yep…the very thing the chart is used for tends to slide a bit. Oh, and sick kids tend to impact said chart as well.

Anyway … I’m actually really impressed with how well the kids are doing. It started out that they’d get one sticker if their pull-up was dry. Three nights in dry pull-ups meant they’d get to wear undies. A dry night in undies got them two stickers. Toward the middle of the month, we ended up changing to two nights in dry pull-ups…then removed the pull-up factor all together. I also got sick of the “in and out of bed” bed-time routine, so I promised another sticker if they stayed in bed all night (unless they really did need to use the potty!)

Oh, one other seemingly very important part is that I let them color the square in with a highlighter before applying the sticker.