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Lessons Learned

So, we’re new to this whole gardening thing. I mean, sure, I watched my dad plant his football field-sized garden when I was a kid…and helped pick things… And we had some tomato plants the past two years… But this year we actually PUT a garden in. Well. Two gardens.

A football field-sized garden is a wee bit daunting, and a Square Foot Gardening book landed in my lap at Christmas, so that’s the way we decided to go (at least for one of the gardens). It’s amazing to me the difference in the two gardens – the one we put in first is actually taking longer to grow (and we even – mistakenly – put cucumbers in both)! And the loam we used is incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen beans grow faster. We’re definitely using loam again next year!

We also put some vine-type plants in the raised bed…perhaps a mistake (although there was no mention of it BEING a mistake in the book). Don’t get me wrong…the melons are doing really well – they’re just taking over the onions and, well, everything else. One solution may be to put a trellis or two up so the vines go UP and not all over the place (and to keep a close watch that they DO go up…) The book says you can even grow pumpkins this way – you just have to make sure the trellis is sturdy enough for all that pumpkin weight. Perhaps next year.

My sister mentioned that they planted various rows of beans about 10 days apart. huh. That’s genus. Beans throughout the summer instead of a butt-load all at the same time!

I don’t know if I’ll do broccoli and/or brussels sprouts again. We haven’t gotten any of those (yet – it’s still early), so I don’t know if the taste will outweigh the OMG GROSS caterpillars that were in those this year.

And I was thinking to myself that I should be keeping a gardening journal – but then thought “wait – I’ve been writing in my blog…doesn’t that count?” So…we’ll see if anything gets on paper.

I do have to say that I am loving the raised garden bed. We’ll probably be putting in a second raised bed next year. Weeding is SO MUCH easier! Although – there’s still that one thing in there that I just need to yank. I’m pretty sure it’s a weed (and not an herb like we thought we planted there). It’s taller than all of the other things we’ve planted, so it HAS to be a weed. 🙂

Look How Far We’ve Come

Burke and Maggie have been getting swim lessons from Aunt Meghan while we’re here in Vermont.

After 4 lessons, they can now put their face in the water and blow bubbles, kick their feet, and dog-paddle their arms…sometimes all at the same time!! (with the help of a noodle…) I’m impressed with how quickly they’ve become comfortable with it all.

(1 minute 16 seconds)

WHO Did You Say Did It?

The other day I had both Logan and Maggie sitting on my lap. I wasn’t fully paying attention (probably reading blogs *blush*), but I knew in the back of my mind that Logan was bugging Maggie a bit – just climbing a little on her and such.

The next thing I know, Logan screams and starts crying. I looked at Maggie and asked what had happened. (Yes, they are on my lap and I didn’t see what happened…) Her eyes were really big and she had her hands covering her mouth…

“Maggie, did you hurt Logan?” Nothing. A quick inspection of Logan’s fingers that I knew were closest to Maggie’s mouth showed a tooth indentation. “Maggie, did you bite Logan?”

Big eye, all innocent…”No – Burke did it.” Ya. Burke is over on the other couch minding his own business, no where NEAR us.

A swift smack on the rear with the explanation of “We do not lie…and we don’t bite…but mostly we don’t lie.”

About a half hour later, I had gotten up to play on the floor with Logan, but had apparently left the TV remote over by the chair with Maggie. I hear Burke squawk because something happened to the TV. I looked up and Maggie came running over with the remote, “I did it!!”

Hmmm…lesson learned?