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WHO Did You Say Did It?

The other day I had both Logan and Maggie sitting on my lap. I wasn’t fully paying attention (probably reading blogs *blush*), but I knew in the back of my mind that Logan was bugging Maggie a bit – just climbing a little on her and such.

The next thing I know, Logan screams and starts crying. I looked at Maggie and asked what had happened. (Yes, they are on my lap and I didn’t see what happened…) Her eyes were really big and she had her hands covering her mouth…

“Maggie, did you hurt Logan?” Nothing. A quick inspection of Logan’s fingers that I knew were closest to Maggie’s mouth showed a tooth indentation. “Maggie, did you bite Logan?”

Big eye, all innocent…”No – Burke did it.” Ya. Burke is over on the other couch minding his own business, no where NEAR us.

A swift smack on the rear with the explanation of “We do not lie…and we don’t bite…but mostly we don’t lie.”

About a half hour later, I had gotten up to play on the floor with Logan, but had apparently left the TV remote over by the chair with Maggie. I hear Burke squawk because something happened to the TV. I looked up and Maggie came running over with the remote, “I did it!!”

Hmmm…lesson learned?