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Saturday Snapshot: Brunch with Friends

The awesome What A Card invited us over for Brunch today. YUMMY!

The food was great, the company was wonderful, and I’m pretty sure that all of the kids had a really good time…and you should have seen/heard Logan wailing on their drum set 😉 I wish I had gotten a picture!


Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go over and have a look at what others are doing on this chilly Saturday.

Just Me

A conversation I had with Burke today

Burke: What’s that?

Me: That, my friend, is dinner.

Burke: Friend?

Me: Are you my friend?

Burke: (smiling) nooooo…

Me: Are you my son?

Burke: Nope. Just Burke.

Good Friends

The best kind of friends are the ones who can pick up right where you left off – no matter if a day or 3 years have gone by since the last time you saw them.

We all know that life gets busy, and there’s no way to keep in touch daily (especially, if you’re like me and are *so* not a phone person). I must say, email has helped with that a lot. But even that isn’t necessary with really good friends. There’s no awkward “why didn’t you keep in touch” silences. There’s no “you must hate me” looks. Nothing. Just laughs, hugs, and lots of chatter.